Upgrading AIMS: You can make a difference

by Louisa Tang

AIMS (Administrative Information Management System) was first launched in 1998/99. At that time, there were functions available only to students. As time goes on, more and more AIMS functions have been developed. Up to now, there are hundreds of them with application systems varying from student, human resources, financial to alumni. Other projects include donation, student residence, event, etc.

To better facilitate the daily work of all staff and students, the new version of AIMS 7.0, was launched in mid April with a new look and feel. The menu layout has been changed substantially and the menu items are better structured and organized from the users' perspective.



Menu items are categorized by 3 levels:

  • Personal Level covers functions related to a person such as personal information, leave and pay, courses teaching and other staff services.
  • Departmental Administration Level covers departmental functions that are commonly used in all departments, such as student administration, HR & budget, and office administration.
  • Central Administration Level refers to functions used specially by administrative and support offices. Functions are grouped under menu tabs, with one tab for each office.

Menu items are displayed based on the role (staff, student or alumnus) and the web access levels of the user. That is, users will only see menu items that are relevant to them.

The last but not the least, AIMS 7.0 provides a new search function and a sitemap. The search function supports both full and partial keyword search. With it, users can easily locate a menu item and click to invoke the function directly. Just like file directory, the site map gives a complete list of all menu items by menu levels.

To familiarize users with the new AIMS menu, a

is available under the "How to Navigate" link located on the main menu.