X-Win32 Replaces SunRay Thin Clients

by Joe Lee

X-Win32 (X-Server for PC) is a Microsoft Windows program that will turn a PC into an X Window System server. It will allow X client programs located on other computers (usually UNIX) to display the output at your PC using the MIT X11 protocol. The software offers a broad range of features and capabilities, including the innovative feature of allowing users to run multiple UNIX and Linux desktops from different UNIX and Linux servers. Starting from Semester B 2004-05, X-Win32 has been made available on the CSC Student LAN while the less capable SunRay thin clients housed in Teaching Studio L have been totally removed. Users can activate X-Win32 from the Work Desk menu by clicking the option

X-Win32 - Connection to Academic Unix/Solaris Server (moscow)

When activated, the X-Win32 will be connected to the moscow server automatically, prompting the user for username and password. For users who want to display the X-window application to the remote PC, simply follow the instructions displayed after logging into the moscow server or collect simple note for reference at the Service Counter.

As the University has acquired the site licence of X-Win32, it has also been installed on the Staff LANs for general use. If your department wants to borrow the software media and install the application for teaching and research, please raise a CSC Work Request online.

For more information about X-Win32, users may visit the website:
1. http://www.starnet.com/products/xwin_features.htm.
2. http://www.x.org/