The New Face of the CityU Intranet

by Francis Chu

By now, you are probably quite familiar with the fresh new look of the CityU Intranet, which was revamped and launched in late December 2001. The new arrangement of the menus aims to provide faster and easier access to network services and information. In this article, we will introduce some of the major features of the new Intranet Home Page.



Major New Features
  • Single University Message in a Pop-up Window

While the front page of the Intranet shows all titles of the network message, clicking on any of it will bring up a new pop-up window. The message content will be displayed on the left-hand side of this new message window, and all message titles on the right for subsequent selection.

To print an individual University message in Internet Explorer (IE), you may right-click on the message and then select "Print". In Netscape (NS), you may click on the message and then press <Ctrl P> to print.
  • Viewing Student Intranet

    If you click on the blue tab "For Students" at the top left of the Intranet home page, you will be taken to the Student Intranet home page. Since the Student Intranet is designed for use in the CSC Student Terminal Area, you may not be able to run "Software Tools & Utilities" on a staff LAN PC.


  • Work Desk

    No matter where you are in the Intranet, you may go to the Intranet Home Page directly by clicking the yellow tab "Work Desk" on the menu bar.

  • News & Media

"News & Media" contains the University message archive, CityTV, Webcam, Radio, Newspapers and HK Weather etc.

  • e-Communication

    A new menu is provided for e-Communication such as Forums, Web Form, Email and e-Resources.
  • Software Tools & Utilities

    The departmental software, applications, tools and utilities have been grouped into a single page. If you have difficulty finding what you want, simply enter a key word in the text box provided and then click "Find Software". The "e-Communication", "Software Tools & Utilities" and "Administrative Tool Set" menus will then be searched thoroughly and the results displayed.
  • Others

    Handy Information is readily available or accessible on the Intranet home page. For example, the weather information displayed on top shows today's temperature and humidity level while the network connection information for your PC can be generated by selecting "My Network Connection".

Best Viewed in 1024x768 with Internet Explorer (IE)

While the previous Intranet is best viewed in the display resolution of 800x600 pixels, it is now 1024x768 for the new Intranet. If your display has not been adjusted to 1024x768, you may see annoying scroll bars on the Intranet Home Page. Furthermore, the visual effect of the Intranet Home Page looks best with IE. If you are still using Netscape as your default browser, you will have a very different experience when viewing the Intranet using IE.

Secure Connection to the CityU Intranet from off-campus

To provide an utmost secure connection, the CityU Web server has been upgraded to 128-bit encryption. To be able to benefit from this maximum protection, it is important that your browser supports 128-bit encryption. Otherwise, you may not be able to connect to the Intranet. For details, please visit,

An encrypted SSL connection requires all information sent between the client and server to be encrypted, protecting private information from interception over the Internet. In addition, all data sent over an encrypted SSL connection is protected by a mechanism for detecting tampering - that is, for determining automatically whether the data has been altered in transit.

Using a SSL connection, one can confidently send private data, such as password, credit card numbers to the CityU Intranet without any security concerns.