Guidance Notes on Good Use of Classroom Facilities for Online and Hybrid Teaching

CityU has stepped up investment in classroom facilities to facilitate teaching in online and hybrid mode (i.e. both face-to-face on campus and online).  With good use of these facilities, teachers can enable students learning remotely to have a similar learning experience as if they were on campus. Here is a list of improvement items made available for online and hybrid teaching:

Classroom Faciltiy     Function
AI-based tracking camera
Automatically focuses on you and allows you to walk within the room to ensure engagement with both online and face-to-face students.
Web camera
An alternative to the tracking camera which focuses more on your facial expression.
Document camera
Sometimes called visualizer. Enables you to draw and annotate your ideas on paper or display with real materials.
Handheld microphone and table mic
Amplifies your voice to face-to-face students while streaming your voice to online participants.
Secondary monitor
Secondary monitor
Allows you to monitor the video that is streamed to online students or view students’ videos. At the same time, you can work with the primary monitor separately.
Higher resolution and enlarged projection screen
projection screen
Creates more space to enrich your presentation

Before the first day of hybrid teaching…

Even with the above facilities, in order to obtain a good result, preparation works before the first day of online or hybrid teaching is recommended. This includes a site visit to the classroom and planning on how to use the equipment that fits your class most.

If you have any enquiries, you are most welcome to contact the IT Service Desk at 3442-8340 (also clickable on your desktop phone) or email to