NerOcean is developing an Ocean Health Monitoring Network to provide cost-effective in situ water-quality information for environmental monitoring and management.

The oceans cover over 70% of the Earth’s surface and are an important source of food. However, the discharge of human and industrial waste into the ocean has long resulted in concern about our food safety. The effect of these contaminants on our food chain is still unclear.

Combining AI and novel sensors developed by CityU and EdUHK, we provide an emergency-alert and water quality forecast system to protect the safety and sustainability of our food supply.



Team members

Dr NG Chi On* (Research Associate, Alumnus, Dept. of Chemistry, CityU)
Mr BILLI Dio Brian (Undergrad, Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, CityU)
Mr YEN Hen Chen (Undergrad, Dept. of Computer Science, CityU)
Advisor: Professor WU Shiu Sun Rudolf (Founding Director, State Key Laboratory of Marine Pollution, CityU; EdUHK)
Advisor: Dr KO Chi Chiu Vincent (Associate Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, CityU)

* Person-in-charge
(Info based on the team's application form)

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