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Dr Szeto Wing Hong

Moulds Consultant, New Product Development Consultant Co. Ltd.

Dr Szeto Wing-hong has been working in the manufacturing industry in Hong Kong since 1984, with a focus in moulding making, moulding (plastic and die cast) and engineering CAD/CAE/CAE, and he is still taking an active role in these fields.

Dr Szeto has been working in factories in Hong Kong and mainland China for many years, as a minor shareholder of a very large mould shop up to now. He has taken a major role in ITF SERAP (project no. E/P040/13), aiming to develop an automation tool with 3D CAD based on computer coding. This project has been completed and the product is available in the market. He is now taking a major role in another ITF ESS (project no. S/E009/19), which aims to develop auto-recovery in the injection moulding industry base on in-mould sensor utilising I4.0 and to achieve quality assurance in the injection moulding industry. This project is under-going, and will be completed in 2022.


(Updated as at Jan 2022)