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Dr Ron Ng

CEO, NerOcean Limited

Dr Ron Ng is a Ph.D. in Chemistry who completed his research under the guidance of Professor Vincent Ko (CHEM, CityU). Throughout his doctoral studies, Dr Ng's research revolved around the design and synthesis of photo-functional materials, including chemosensors, photocatalysts, mechanoresponsive materials, photoswitching, and photochromic compounds. His work has garnered recognition with over 18 international publications.

After completing his Ph.D., Dr Ng continued his research journey as a Postdoctoral Fellow within Professor Ko's research group. During this time, he focused on knowledge transfer projects, particularly the design and synthesis of Molecular Imprinted Polymers (MIPs) for medical applications. With the guidance of Professor Ko and Professor Rudolf Wu (Founding Director, State Key Laboratory of Marine Pollution), Dr Ng and his team successfully developed a cutting-edge sensor technology for detecting water deoxygenation.

Leveraging his extensive expertise in research and knowledge transfer projects, and with the support and incubation of the HK Tech 300 programme, Dr Ng co-founded NerOcean Limited. This start-up aims to commercialise its ground-breaking research outputs from the laboratory to tackle the global challenge of water quality monitoring. Notably, Dr Ng and his team recently achieved a significant breakthrough by introducing a novel method for radionuclide monitoring based on a compact and cost-effective sampling device known as "Artificial Mussels".

By providing mentorship and support tailored to the specific needs of early-stage start-ups, Dr Ng, as one of the members of the HK Tech 300 family, aims to empower them to overcome challenges, accelerate their growth, and increase their chances of success. His dedication and expertise will contribute to building a vibrant and thriving start-up community within the HK Tech 300 programme.

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