With a wealth of talent and a dedication to applied research, our researchers are successful in obtaining research grants, are highly ranked amongst their peers in research output and publish widely in internationally prestigious journals.

During the year of 2015/16, our faculty members operated 99 UGC research grants worth HK$112.74 million (an increase of 12.4% when compared to the last year) and a further 24 non-UGC grants worth HK$13.97 million (an increase of 19.1% when compared to the last year). Collectively, they published 144 papers in referred international journals and 21 conference proceedings.

Four projects of BCH faculty members received GRF grants worth over HK$1 million in the General Research Fund (GRF) 2015/16:

    Dr. Michael Chan: [C-H…F-C] and Related Non-covalent Interactions in (Carbon-Based)-Chelating Post –Metallocenes: Characterization and Application to Catalysis
    Dr. Vincent Ko: Design and Synthesis of Dual Emissive Phosphorescent Transition Metal Complexes
    Prof. T C Lau: Metal Catalyzed Oxidation of Organic Substrates by Nitrogen Oxyanions and Oxides
    Dr. Andy Siu: Theoretical Examinations of the Dynamics of Hypervalent Peptide Radicals

Our faculty members had successfully obtained eminent external grants for their projects worth over HK$1 million:

    Prof. István T. Horváth: Valorization of the Exoskeletons of Crustaceans in Seafood Waste into Chemicals and Fuels (Environmental and Conservation Fund, HKSAR)
    Prof. Paul Lam: Pharmaceuticals in Municipal Sewage Treatment Works of China: Behaviour and Risk Assessment (NSFC/FR/HKJRS/RGC Grant)
    Dr. Y W Lam: Functional Analyses of How Genomic Variation Affects Personal Risks of Degenerative Skeletal Disorders (RGC Theme-based Research Scheme)
    Prof. T C Lau: Development of Osmium-based Compounds as Anti-Cancer Drugs (Innovation and Technology Fund)
    Prof. Kenneth Lo: Fluorescent Organic Compound – Phosphorescent Inorganic Transition Metal Complex Conjugates as Bioprobes and Imaging Reagents (NSFC)
    Dr. Peggy Lo: Design and Development of Multifunctional 3D DNA Nanostructures as Brain-Targeted Drug Nanocarriers for the Treatment of Brain Diseases (Food and Health Bureau, HKSAR)
    Dr. Alex Wong: Rapid, Reliable and Convenient Nitrate Detection Method for Aquaponic System Water Testing (Innovation and Technology Fund)
    Dr. Guangyu Zhu: Biomedical Applications of Novel Core-shell-shell Nanoparticles with Minimized Heating Effect for Imaging and Photodynamic Therapy (Innovation and Technology Fund)

Regarding the results of the Collaborative Research Fund (CRF) for the 2015/16 exercise, among four of Group Research applications, Prof. Paul Lam’s project entitled “Benthic and Epiphytic Toxic Algae (BETA): An Emerging Threat to Coral Ecosystems in Hong Kong Waters” was awarded with a funding of HK$5.5 million.

    Prof. T C Lau received HK$13.28 million from the Area of Excellence (AoE) for the Institute of Molecular Functional Materials.