External Grants

Year Project Title Source of Grant
2019 Deciphering the Molecular Mechanisms of H2BE76K Mutation in Cancer GRF
2019 Elucidating the Mechanisms and Regulation of TCOF1 in the Pathogenesis of Breast Cancer GRF
2019 Elucidating Molecular Mechanism and Signaling Pathway of Novel Protease System RhpPC in Regulating Pathogenicity of Pseudomonas Syringae GRF
2019 Investigation on the Determinants of RNase III Processing in Bacteria GRF
2019 The Circadian Clock-dependent Cell-fate Decision of Adult Neural Stem Cells: How the Circadian Clock Controls Demyelination/Remyelination in the Brain GRF
2019 Development of Highly Versatile Oxygen-evolving Self-assembled Nanophotosensitizers for Photodynamic Eradication of Hypoxic Tumor GRF
2019 Unraveling the Therapeutic Potential of a Small Molecule Activator of Mitochondrial Fusion and Mechanistic Role of Mitochondria in Axon Regeneration GRF
2019 Is Impaired Binaural Hearing in Cochlear Implantees Caused by Lack of Experience or Inappropriate Stimulation? GRF
2019 Dissecting Age-dependent Molecular Heterogeneity of Colorectal Cancer and Establishing a Probabilistic Model for Robust Prediction of High-risk Young-onset Colorectal Cancer Patients GRF
2019 Investigating the Role of Thioredoxin-interacting Protein (Txnip) in Retinal Degeneration GRF
2019 Self-assembly and Non-covalent Bonding of Siloxane Oligomers on Diverse Surfaces: from Molecular Mechanism to Advanced Coating Applications GRF
2019 Gene Therapies Targeting BCL11A for Beta-thalassemia Treatment Development DON
2019 Neuroplasticity Induced by the Administration of Cholecystokinin Tetrapeptide and Noise Exposure as a Novel Strategy for the Treatment of Tinnitus HMRF
2019 Using Extracellular Vesicles to Deliver siRNAs against FLT3 Mutants for Personalized Treatments against Drug-resistant Acute Myeloid Leukemia HMRF
2019 Temporal Weighting Functions for Spatial Cues and Their Potential Relevance for Better Binaural Hearing with Cochlear Implants HMRF
2019 Unlock the Regenerative Capacity of Müller Glia in Mammalian Retinas by Wnt/p27kip1 Signaling HMRF
2019 Investigation of Host Genes Involved in the Functions of Clostridium Difficile Toxins HMRF
2019 Patient-Derived Preclinical Models for Translational Cancer Research: a Hong Kong-based Biotechnology Centre for Genomic Medicine RIF
2019 Development of an Integrated Microfluidics System for Multi-level High Content Screening of Anti-tumor Drugs RIF
2019 Transparent and Healable Anti-smudge Polymer Coatings on Various Substrates ITF
2019 CCK-B Receptor Antagonists For The Treatment Of Depression Especially Chronic Pain Comorbid Depression Of Elderly ITF
2018 Developing Targeted Gene Therapies against Breast and Lung Cancer based on Red Blood Cell – Derived Extracellular Vesicles ITF
2018 Developing Sodium Acetate As Novel Anti-Pseudomonas Syringae Agent ITF
2018 A Stem Cell Approach to Dissect the Molecular Basis of Neurodegenerative Diseases TBRS
2018 The study of glioma-derived exosomes in tumor progression via MCT1 and its ancillary protein, CD147 GRF
2018 Multi-omic molecular subtyping of ovarian high-grade serous carcinoma and multidimensional network inference for dissecting the mesenchymal subtype specific regulatory mechanisms GRF
2018 The role of the circadian clock as a switch for reactive astrocyte status in neurodegeneration GRF
2018 Delineating the function and regulation of Vangl2 in epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) GRF
2018 Tinnitus alleviation by activation of dendritic IA channels GRF
2018 Elucidate the biological significance of Histone H2BG54D mutation in pancreatic cancer GRF
2018 Cholecystokinin administration rescues thalamocortical neuroplasticity in old rodents GRF
2018 Study of sRNA-regulated transposition of IS element carrying antibiotic resistant genes GRF
2018 Neural mechanisms of prediction signalling along the cortical auditory pathway GRF
2018 Neuroprotection by driving microglia M2 polarization after traumatic brain injury: therapeutic and mechanistic approaches GRF
2018 Impairment of schemas and memory consolidation and disruption of schemas-linked interactions between hippocampal and anterior cingulate cortex in chronic visceral pain GRF
2018 Inhibitory gating of neural circuits for dynamic representation of distinct odor features ECS
2018 Unraveling the RhpRS-mediated signaling pathway of type III secretion system in Pseudomonas syringae ECS
2018 Investigating the function of Spleen Tyrosine Kinase (Syk) as an important regulator of terminal erythropoiesis ECS
2018 Development of novel strategies for enriching functionally mature cardiomyocytes derived from human pluripotent stem cells ECS
2018 Dissecting the Molecular Mechanism of AnvM-mediated Signal Transduction during Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Infection HMRF
2018 Impaired Communications in Anterior Cingulate Cortex Neural Network in the Rats with Trigeminal Neuropathic Pain Is Associated with Decision-making Deficits HMRF
2018 Engineering Red Blood Cells for the Delivery of Metabolic Enzymes against Niemann-pick Disease and Other Sphingolipidoses HMRF
2018 A Gene Therapy Approach to Stimulate Retinal Regeneration by Targeted Expression of Atoh7 HMRF
2018 Therapeutic Potential of Activator Protein 4 in Peripheral Nerve Injury HMRF
2018 Regulation and Mechanism of Tumor-intrinsic Oncogene Pathways in Mediating an Immune Suppressed Microenvironment in Hepatocellular Carcinoma CRF
2018 A Study of Self-restraining Mechanisms of DNA Damage Surveillance and Repair CRF
2018 Bio-inspired Surface Engineering for Phase Change Heat Transfer: From Fundamental Understanding to Practical Applications CRF
2017 Akt3-specific Signaling Networks for Therapeutic Intervention of Triple-negative Breast Cancer GRF
2017 GABAergic Cholecystokinin Enhances the Local Inhibitory Effect in the Auditory Cortex GRF
2017 Development of Advanced Photodynamic Molecular Beacons with Multiple Controls for Targeted Photodynamic Therapy GRF
2017 Dissecting the Novel Role of Formin-2 in Axonal Regeneration and the Underlying Mechanisms GRF
2017 Natural Sound Statistics in Auditory Scene Analysis GRF
2017 Consensus Molecular Subtyping of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma and Tumor-intrinsic Regulatory Network Inference from Deconvolved Gene Expression Profiles GRF
2017 Dissecting the Mechanism and Function of GAPDH in Cyclic ADP-Ribose (cADPR)-mediated Ca2+ Signaling in Mammalian Cells GRF
2017 Communication mechanisms between transcriptional and translational machineries through the circadian clock GRF
2017 Role of Oligodendroglial MCT1 in Myelination of the Neonatal Brain ECS
2017 Mechanisms of Regulating Planar Cell Polarity by Deubiquitinating Enzyme USP7 in Cancer Cells ECS
2017 TNF-a–Mediated Mechanism and Treatment of Hearing Loss-induced Tinnitus HMRF
2017 Assay Platforms for CCK-B Receptor Agonists as Potential Treatment for Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment ITF
2017 Therapeutic Potential Of Neural Motor Prostheses Device For The Treatment Of Spinocerebellar Ataxia ITF
2017 L-lactate Release by Optogenetic Activation of Astrocytes Rescues Decision-making Deficit in Visceral Hypersensitive Rats NSFC/RGC
2017 Cortical Mechanisms of Temporal Predictions in Processing Rhythmic Sounds and Speech EC/RGC
2016 Cortical cholecystokinin as a chemical switch enabling auditory long-term potentiation in the thalamus GRF
2016 Vagus nerve stimulation modulates neuronal spike field phase locking and synchrony cross areas associated with facilitation of decision-making in rats GRF
2016 Development of an integrated microfluidic-based system for single cell mutation analysis and drug sensitivity test of circulating tumor cells/cell clusters GRF
2016 Study of Slippery Nanocomposite with Controlled Self-healing Ability for Biofouling Prevention GRF
2016 New insight into HDAC1 as a molecular linker between neurodegeneration and circadian clocks ECS
2016 The role of tumor-secreted miR-125b in fibroblast differentiation during metastasis ECS
2016 A functional study of the Glut1/BSG1 complex in photoreceptors: a possible therapeutic target for degeneration? ECS
2016 The neurobiological mechanisms of schizophrenia via graphene-based wearable electronics ECS
2016 Development of Smart Theranostic Agents for Imaging and Photoinactivation of beta-Lactamase-Producing Bacteria HMRF
2016 Unveiling the Disseminative Characteristics and Bacterial Fitness of Major Multidrug Resistance Plasmids by Genomics and RNomics Analysis HMRF
2016 Local Infusion of Cholecystokinin in the Auditory Cortex and Successive Sound Stimuli Lead to Epileptic Seizures HMRF
2016 Targeting Oncogenic MicoRNA-125 in Acute Myeloid Leukemia HMRF
2016 Neural Probes with Flexible and Floating Microelectrode Arrays to Study the Mechanisms of Decision-making by Vagus Nerve Stimulation in Rats ITF
2016 Detection of Actionable Genetic Alterations in Lung Cancer ITF
2016 Hong Kong Chinese Materia Medica Standards for Decoction Pieces HKgovt
2015 Molecular basis for interspecies transmission and pathogenesis of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus TBRS
2015 Neuronal Mechanism of Cholecystokinin-Facilitated Cross-modal Learning and Memory CRF
2015 How Activation of the Auditory Thalamus Induces Neuronal Plasticity in the Auditory Cortex? GRF
2015 The Molecular Mechanism of PIM1 Response to Facilitate Human Enterovirus 71 Infection GRF
2015 Targeting Vegal Afferent in Learning and Memory Impairments Associated with Chronic Visceral Pain: The Role of Cholecystokinin GRF
2015 Ablation of Lhx15 Gene Expression in Cerebellar Purkinje Cells Delay Peripheral Nervous System Regeneration GRF
2015 Quantitative Study of Cancer Stem Cells Growth, Migration and Communication with Cancer Cells in a Microfluidic-based Biomimetic Microenvironment GRF
2015 Elucidating the Functional Significance of the Lrwd1-ORC Interaction ECS
2015 Dissecting Regulatory Mechanisms Underlying the Poor Prognosis Colon Cancer Subtype ECS
2015 Development of Self-healable Omniphobic Materials towards Fouling Prevention of Complex Fluids ECS
2015 RNomics Study of the Emerging Incompatibility Group X3 Plasmid Carrying blaNDM-1 in Hong Kong HMRF
2015 Lycium barbarum polysaccharides accelerate axonal regeneration: Possible implications for nerve repair HMRF
2015 Use of Small Chemical Vacuolin-1 as a Novel Anti-Cancer Therapeutic Drug ITF
2015 pro-siRNA for Highly Potent and Cost-effective RNAi Therapeutics ITF
2014 Applying a Novel cADPR Photoaffinity Labelling Analogue to Dissect the Cyclic ADP-Ribose (cADPR)-Ca2+ Signaling in Mammalian Cells GRF
2014 Brain Astrocytes Drive Mood and Cognitive Dysfunction in Chronic Visceral Pain GRF
2014 Development of Boron Dipyrromethene Based Quenchers as Key Components of Smart Fluorescent Probes for Bioimaging GRF
2014 Functional analysis of the role of Mcm3 in epigenetic gene silencing GRF
2014 Investigation of the Molecular Mechanisms of Hsp27 Response to Facilitate Human Enterovirus 71 Infection GRF
2014 Four Dimensional Live Imaging of Zebrafish Embryos Development Using Light-sheet Microscopy and Biocomputational Tools CRF
2014 Mechanism of Potentiating HIV Antigen-specific CD8+ T cells CRF
2014 The Role of AP-4 in the Transcriptional Control of p53 Gene DON
2014 Development of Anti-cancer Therapy with Externally Activated Nanomedicine ITF
2014 How Brain Encodes Memory DON
2013 Development of Cell Manipulation Tools for Probing Functional Mechanism of Hematopoietic Cells: Robotics, Optical tweezers, and Hematopoiesis CRF
2013 Brainstem - Cortex Synaptic Plasticity in the Trigeminal Neuropathic Pain GRF
2013 Dissecting the Mechanism and Function of TPC2 Signaling in Autophagy Maturation in Mammalian Cells GRF
2013 Participation of the Thalamus in the Establishment of Cross-modal Association between the Auditory and Visual Systems GRF
2013 Therapeutic Potential of Heat Shock Protein 27 on Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy GRF
2013 Uncovering the Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Delayed Heart Regeneration in the Zebrafish Mutant Breakdance GRF
2013 Molecular Study of Drosophila Gemin5 ECS
2013 Molecular Mechanism of Ciguatera Fish Poisoning Associated Neurological Effects and Identification of Potential Treatment HMRF
2013 Rewiring the De-afferented Thalamic and Cortical Neurons to the Remaining Auditory Inputs: A Model for Treatment of Tinnitus Patients HMRF
2013 Sensitization of Anterior Cingulate Cortex, Upregulation of NR2B Receptors and Astroglial Glutamate-glutamine Shuttle Contribute to Pain Responses in Rats with Chronic Pancreatitis HMRF
2013 Therapeutic Potential of Heat Shock Protein 27 on Guillain-Barre Syndrome HMRF
2013 Understanding the Small RNA-regulated Dissemination of Emerging Multidrug Resistant Mobile Elements in Hong Kong HMRF
2012 – Present Hong Kong Chinese Materia Medica Standards Project (Phase VII–X) HKgovt
2012 Accumulative Effect of Stimulus-Specific Adaptation through the Ascending Pathway to the Auditory Cortex GRF
2012 Integration of Biomimetic Microparticle-based Multiplexed Assays and Microfluidic Systems for High Throughput Quantitative Detection and Discrimination of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals GRF
2012 Multifunctional Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles for Targeted Delivery, Chemotherapy, and Photodynamic Therapy GRF
2012 The Prefrontal Cortex as a Key Target of the Visceral Pain Processing in Adult Rats Following Maternal Separation Stress in Infancy GRF
2012 Molecular Determinants of Critical Period in Peripheral Nerve Regeneration ECS
2012 Molecular Characterizations of the Emerging Multidrug Resistance Escherichia coli in Hong Kong: An RNomics Analysis HMRF
2012 Stem Cell Strategy for Nervous System Disorders TBRS
2012 Development of Quantative Immuno-chemiluminescence Kit for Biomarkers of Gastric Cancer, CEA, CA19-9, CA72-4 and CA50 ITF
2011 The Interaction of Stimulus-specific Adaptation between the Thalamic Reticular Nucleus and Medial Geniculate Body GRF
2011 Vagal Afferent Neuronal Plasticity: Implication in the Emesis Related to Chemotherapy GRF
2011 Cell-based Heart Regeneration: Biology of Cell Engineering TBRS
2010 THR286 Phosphorylated αCaMKII in Anterior Cingulate Cortex Mediates Visceral Pain in Visceral Hypersensitive Rats GRF
2006 Biochip Technology Development DON

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