Activity Highlights

The 20th Anniversary Ceremony of the Alumni Ambassador Scheme cum Alumni Leaders Gathering saw the participation of alumni leaders, including chairpersons and representatives from alumni groups, coming together to celebrate this significant milestone and foster valuable networking connections.

The Alumni Ambassadors support CityU Homecoming organised by the Alumni Relations Office, connecting alumni and University community members through inspiring events arranged by various academic departments, units, and alumni groups.

At the “Welcome and Welcome Back: Class Liaison Ambassadors Gathering” organised by the Alumni Relations Office, participants share the joy of witnessing the inauguration of new Class Liaison Ambassadors, as well as gaining inspiration from sharing by veteran alumni leaders.

Advisors of Alumni Ambassador Scheme exchange ideas and discuss strategies to enhance various forms of alumni support for the University.

A group of devoted alumni from the entrepreneurs/innovation sector are committed to support the University’s development and student growth at the “CityU Alumni Professional Network Gathering” organised by the Alumni Relations Office.

The Mentorship Programme organised by the College of Engineering and College of Science enables student mentees to get good advice from veteran alumni mentors of the College of Business on career and life tips.

Alumni mentors of Information Systems support the “Information Systems Industrial Mentorship Programme” organised by the Department of Information Systems.

Gathering organised by the Alumni Association of School of Law provides an opportune occasion for strengthening alumni network of this professional field.

At a reunion dinner organised by Alumni Relations Office, alumni from various cities in the Mainland gather at Shanghai sending good wishes to the University for its continuous achievements.