CityU Credit Card

Do get a CityU Credit Card offered by the University and Hang Seng Bank now! By being an alumni credit card holder, you will perpetuate your link with your alma mater and, at the same time, pitch in towards a worthy cause. Part of the total spending of Principal and Supplementary Card customers will be donated to University for support of campus enhancement projects and student activities. New CityU alumni credit card holders (principal & supplementary) are now entitled to a perpetual annual fee waiver* (This privilege will also apply to current card holders on renewal.). Besides, you are entitled to a number of campus benefits offered by the University and campus merchant outlets which make your home-coming all the more pleasurable.

* Existing and new card holders can enjoy a perpetual annual fee waiver for one Hang Seng Credit Card only.

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

Please visit for the offer details and the related Terms & Conditions.

Welcome Offer and Spending Privileges

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