CityU Alumni Card

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will Alumni Card be available after application?
Upon successful application, Alumni Card will be sent to the applicant’s contact address as registered on AIMS by registered post within 1 month after submitting the application.

2. How can I renew my Alumni Card?
Alumni Card is subject to renewal every year (in June) for continuation of card usage.

Renewal applicant can continue to use their existing Alumni Card after successful renewal. No new card will be issued. Email will be sent to card holders in June to remind card renewal.

3. How to find out the expiry date of my Alumni Card?
Click on the AIMS button on the CityU Alumni page. Log in with your Electronic ID and Password.

Then, under the Alumni Services tab, select Alumni Card.

4. What shall I do if I lose my Alumni Card?
Loss of the Alumni Card must be reported immediately at AIMS. Pleae click "Report Lost Card" button at CityU Alumni Card section.

5. How can I apply for Alumni Library Services?
New applicant should apply Alumni Card and opt for adding on Alumni Library Services. Alumni Card will then be issued with access to library services.

As the card will be sent to your address in AIMS by registered post within 1 month, please allow sufficient time for first time application.

For those who already possess a valid Alumni Card, please login AIMS and select “Alumni Library Services” to subscribe library services.

6. When will the library services be available after application for renewal?
Access to the Library and/or borrowing privilege will be activated 1 day after you have successfully submitted your online application of renewal. For library services, please contact the Library.