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Johnna WIENS (HSBC Prosperity Hall)

A lot of exciting activity is going on all around us right now, not the least of which being the 10th anniversary of the student residence.  It is fitting then, that as the student residence halls mark the end of their 10th year and begin their 11th, Halls 10 and 11 make their debut into the student residence family.  

As an international student myself (in my final year!), it can be frustrating when local or mainland Chinese students assume I am an exchange student. In this issue of ResLink, Lillian goes beyond the stereotype that all foreign faces must be exchange students and takes a deeper look into what it means to be an international student at CityU

Finally, as if midterms and group projects do not keep us busy enough this time of the semester, many of us are striving to maintain our romantic relationships as well. And although Valentine’s Day may have passed us by already, Jack has some great tips and tricks for dating in and around the student residence.  And, if you want to get your body into shape to impress your significant other or even just for the good of your own health, Dr Kevin Downing, Residence Master of Hall 2 and Acting Residence Master of Hall 9, shares his advice for staying motivated.  Just remember to be thankful that even if you follow his routine of hitting the gym 5 days a week, your schedule will still not be as hectic as some of the student athletes living in the student residence!

Good luck on your midterms in the coming weeks. As always, remember to maintain a balance between studying and relaxing and that your personal health and wellbeing should always come first! 

Happy reading!