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FOO Kai Bing, Kelly (Jockey Club Academy Hall)

On the 8th of February 2012, over 700 people hiked up the hill and occupied the open space in the centre of the Student Residence. It was our first Joint-Hall Anniversary Dinner since the establishment of the CityU Student Residence 10 years ago. This remarkable event was held to celebrate both the Student Residence’s 10th birthday and the opening of Halls 10 and 11.

“It was awesome as it was the first time ever we had had residents from all the residence halls gathered to celebrate something together!”  (Hannamiina Tanninen, Hall 7) Yes, that’s very true. The heartwarming scene consisting of residents from different halls, sitting together with smiling faces, was something we had never witnessed before.

Six enthusiastic MCs from different countries and different halls kicked off the night by welcoming all the guests, who included our VIPs, staff, alumni and students. The night continued with a toasting ceremony where the VIPs and the event Organising Committee toasted that memorable moment. Then, an interesting video made by the Residents’ Associations (RAs) about the growth of the Student Residence and our new neighbors, Halls 10 and 11 was shown. Those made everyone laugh.

There was a memorable and touching moment when Residence Masters and Presidents of all RAs were invited onto the stage to complete a meaningful picture by attaching cardboard models of different shapes of hall buildings onto the backdrop. This truly represented one student residence, one family embracing diversity and inclusion.

Like all other successful events, there were some amazingly talented performers that night. Jack Yu (Hall 3), on his guitar, sang the first duet Just the Way You Are beautifully with Vivian Wong (Hall 4). He then also sang Baby while Sam Lee (Hall 3) beat-boxed skillfully to the song. We were also lucky enough to have Mr. Yo with us that night, bringing us an impressive yo-yo performance. The guests were pumped with adrenaline and they cheered as loud as they could.

The highlight of the night was the “Hall King and Queen Competition”. Representatives from each hall went all out and fought for their halls’ glory. The Queens cooked to impress, while the Kings sprinted to win. It was a tight competition, but in the end, Hall 6 brought home the Kings’ and Queens’ titles! Residents from Hall 6 were so proud of them and they showed it with their thunderous cheers.
The night ended on a happy note. Without any doubt, it was a wonderful night for everyone. The night was cold but the hearts were warm.

 “This night could not have happened without the organising committee, SRO and the RAs of each hall. Despite our lack of experience, we have succeeded with their selfless support and help. We worked hard for tonight; we prayed even harder for good weather; and we are awfully thankful!” – Subie, Shan and Nam from the OC team.