Caring Community

Building and maintaining a serving and supporting social network is vital to the personal development of every student studying at the City University of Hong Kong. The Counselling Service is organizing the following activities to contribute to a caring community on the university campus.

  • Caring League
    The Caring League, organised by Counselling Service of Student Development Services at City University of Hong Kong, is a one-year student leadership training programme with the objectives to:

    Develop a league of Caring Leaders through comprehensive training and collaboration of counselling project groups
    Promote a caring and supportive attitude and ambiance among the student community
    Enhance the mental wellness and emotional resilience of students

    Caring League consists of 3 teams: Inclusion Ambassador, Peer Support Fellow, Psychological Wellness Ambassador.

    CityU Cares for YOU Campaign
    CityU Cares for YOU Campaign has been lanuched since 2015. It usually takes place in the 10th or 11th week of every semester, which is the period that students are stressed by examinations and loads of assignments. Through the campaign, we aim to:
    Promote positive attitude
    Cultivate mutual support among students
    Strengthen students' resilience to overcome personal challenges
    Reinforce university-students relationship