Executive Mentoring Programme (EMP)

Executive Mentoring Programme (EMP) is a profound opportunity offered by CLC for undergraduate students to get in touch with industry professionals under a mentorship programme. It is not only a valuable resource for students but also a valuable practice of intergenerational exchange between mentors and mentees. EMP students are trained with professionalism through workshops to a chance to expand their professional network with a person of seniority in their chosen industry field. EMP has been running since 2014/15 and students come away with meaningful industry insights and personal development goals with valuable connection with committed senior industry practitioners and a clearer image of their career.


EMP is a structured and customized mentorship to facilitate students’ understanding of a particular industry and school-to-work transition. Admitted mentees are

To broaden students’ perspective toward the world of work
To develop students’ confidence in networking and communicating with senior business professionals
To assist students in developing their career interests and setting career goals

EMP Mentors

Senior and top-notch business professionals/ executives in various business or service industries (e.g., accounting, banking & finance, consulting, fin-tech, technology, community service, engineering, human resources, IT, law, marketing, media, public relations, surveying etc)
Mentors will offer professional career advice on personal growth, career planning, leadership development and specific industry insights

Students Mentees


  Full-time Year 1 – Year 3 undergraduates (Non-Final Year)
  Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above^
  Medium of instruction: English
^Year 1 undergraduates who have NOT obtained any CGPA should have met the language proficiency requirements of Level 3 or above in Chinese and English in HKDSE or equivalent.


  Submit reflective journals, which log your participation in progress and, more essentially, reflect on the learning experience.
  Students securing +60% of attendance rate will get a Normal Certificate; student with +90% attendance rate for the captioned training will obtain a Diamond Certificate

Programme Timeline AND Required Trainings

Professional and experienced career coaches will facilitate you to act professionally, make good connection and build bonding with mentors. All admitted students shall participate in an intensive series of customized career trainings to equip with the necessary professional skills.

Training workshop in networking, career education, professional image and business etiquette
Tea Reception - The first official gathering for mentors and mentees in January 2024
Mentorship activities - Build rapport with your mentor through mutually agreed-activities between mentor and mentee, e.g., company visits, experience-sharing sessions, social events, job shadowing, and casual dining.

Required Trainings

No Required Training Topic / Timeline Mode Date Time Hours
  EMP Application Online 15 May (Mon) –
10 Sep 2023 (Sun)
  Ongoing Admission Interviews Virtual May - Sep 2023    
1 EMP Welcoming Briefing Session & CV Workshop F2F 4 Oct 2023 (Wed) 6:30 – 8:30pm 2
2 Professional Image and Personal Brand Building (Class A - *For female participants) F2F 9 Oct 2023 (Mon) 6:30 – 8:30pm 2
  Professional Image and Personal Brand Building (Class B - *For male participants) F2F 10 Oct 2023 (Tue) 6:30 – 8:30pm  
3 Business and Social Etiquette Workshop F2F 1 Nov 2023 (Wed) 6:30 – 8pm 1.5
  Official Matching Results Announcement – Mentees can start contacting their matched mentors accordingly F2F Nov - Dec 2023    
4 Power of Face-to-Face Networking in the Workplace & Professional Dining Etiquette Workshop F2F 23 Jan 2024 (Tue) 6:30 – 8pm 1.5
5 Tea Reception / Kick-Off Ceremony F2F Jan 2024 PM 4
  Mentorship activities arranged between mentors and mentees F2F Jan 2024 onwards    
  Total Required Hours   5 Sessions (Required)   11

Elective Trainings

Date & Time Elective Training Topic
Oct – Nov 2023 The Strong Interest Inventory (SII) Assessment - measures your interests over several categories including school subjects, work activities, and leisure activities (Limited quotas, first-come, first-served)

6 Oct 2023 (Fri) 6 – 7pm

Info Session on Digital Name Card Design Display & Usage

8 Nov 2023 (Wed) 6:30 – 8 pm

Create An Impressive Personal Brand on LinkedIn Workshop (1.5-hour, virtual)

Please note that the schedule and details provided above are tentative, and subject to changes due to the availability of venue and trainer.

Information Sessions

Joint Virtual Information Sessions (BOP, EMP, E-100 & SA) - 24 May (Wed); 16 Jun (Fri); 21 Jul (Fri) ; 15 Aug (Tue); 4 Sep (Mon) 11am - 12noon
Face-to-face Booth Promotion - CityU University Life Induction Day & SDS Expo (August 2023): 16 – 19 Aug 2023 (Wed – Sat)
Please sign-up for the Joint Virtual Information Session HERE.


Application starts from 15 May 2023 (Mon), ongoing admission interviews will be conducted.

The EMP application will close sharp on 10 Sep 2023 (Sun) 11:59pm, please complete the application form HERE before the deadline.


- Please read thoroughly the terms & conditions, well understand the programme details especially the required training schedule before submitting application.
- Application without the required supporting documents will NOT be considered.
- Late or incomplete applications will NOT be considered.
- Only shortlisted applicants will be invited for admission interview.
- Students without hearing from CLC by mid-Sep may assume unsuccessful application.
- Interview quotas will be allocated first-come-first-served until all places are filled. CLC will assign one interview session for each student only. Once enrolled, no request for change would be considered.
- All captioned required workshops are compulsory for confirmed mentees. Absentees without prior notice with justified reasons would be considered a withdrawal the application.
- CLC will try to match mentees with mentors from their preferred industries/job functions. Please take note there is NO GUARANTEE on the matching as it is subject to variables.
- CLC reserves all the rights to the final decision on the matching.



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