The project collected and summarised previous research and published this in manuals. These were distributed to different schools, so that frontline workers can design specific individual or group interventions for students, in accordance with their own school situations.

Project C.A.R.E. Manual

Volume Content
Volume 1 (TC/SC), Volume 2 (TC/SC) Reactive Aggressor, Passive Victim (Secondary School)
Volume 3 (TC/SC), Volume 4 (TC/SC) Proactive Aggressor, Aggressive Victim (Secondary School)
Volume 5 (TC/SC), Volume 6 (TC/SC) Group Intervention for Aggressors and Victims (Secondary School)
Volume 7 (TC/SC), Volume 8 (TC/SC) Reactive Aggressor Group Intervention (Primary School)
Volume 9 (TC/SC), Volume 10 (TC/SC) Proactive Aggressor Group Intervention (Primary School)
English Version (Book A, Book B) Group Counselling and Individual Counselling for Aggressors and Victims (Secondary School)
Anti-Bullying Ambassador Manual Peer Counselling: Anti-Bullying Ambassador Program (Secondary School)


Other Publication

Book Content
The Annual Harmonious School 2009 - 2011: Winning Works in Slogan Competition & Comics Competition


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