HKALL Borrowing Services 港書網

Through HKALL (Hong Kong Academic Library Link), all CityU staff and also students enrolled on courses leading to CityU awarded degrees* can borrow books from all other University Grants Committee (UGC) funded libraries by requesting them via CityU LibraryFind and have them delivered to the Circulation Counter of the CityU Library for checkout.

* Awarded degree here means Associate Degree or its equivalent, Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, Doctoral Degree and Postgraduate Degree/Postgraduate Diploma/Postgraduate Certificate. (Students of short courses, single subject certificates, diplomas, professional diplomas, professional certificates or external degrees awarded by overseas institutions are excluded.)
* Excluding outside HK or visiting students

Users can confine their Search Scope to HKALL in CityU LibraryFind.

Requesting and Borrowing HKALL Books

  • Eligible users of HKALL service, including CityU staff and those students enrolled on courses leading to CityU awarded degrees, may borrow books that are NOT available at CityU Library (either because CityU Library does not hold the items or the items have been checked out) but with the status "Available" at the UGC-funded libraries via CityU LibraryFind by clicking the "HKALL – Resource Sharing" button after signing in with your EID and password.
  • Users will be notified by email when the requested items are available to pick up at the Smart Pickup Lockers. Users will be given 5 calendar days to pick up the requested items after formal notification. Items not claimed will be returned to the lending library without prior notification to the users concerned.
  • HKALL items should be returned to the Circulation Counter of the CityU Library. Users should never put any HKALL books into the book drop.

HKALL: Loan Quota and Period

Please refer to the Library Regulations for the loan quota and loan period for HKALL books borrowed by different categories of users.

Important: Users will be using their CityU Library loan quotas to borrow HKALL books.


  • Holds cannot be placed on checked out HKALL books.
  • However, local users at the owning library can "recall" items loaned out to other HKALL libraries through their own library catalogue at any time. Upon recall, the users at CityU who have borrowed the items concerned will receive an email notification. The original due date may be shortened. Yet, there is a "minimum" use period of 15 calendar days.


Late Return

Late return of HKALL books is liable to a fine as stipulated in the Library Regulations.

Loss and Damage of HKALL Books

  • It is the users' responsibility to take good care of HKALL books borrowed from the other libraries. No HKALL books should be taken overseas without prior permission from the lending libraries.
  • Users will be held responsible for any loss or damage of the HKALL books borrowed. Book replacement and penalty policies of the lending libraries will be followed when cases as such arise.

Why HKALL Requests are Not Available?

An item at a UGC library may not be borrowed via HKALL if:

  • the item is in non-loanable format, e.g. e-book, online resource, DVD, journal, etc.*
  • the item is at non-loanable collection, e.g. Reference, Course Readings, Special Collections, etc.*
  • the book is not on the shelf / checked out by the local user / not suitable for loan, e.g. too fragile, etc.
  • all copies at the UGC libraries are already out on loan.
  • the same item is also available at the CityU Library. Please report to the Circulation Counter of CityU Library if you can't find a book that should be on the library shelves.

* You may need to visit the UGC libraries in person with your JULAC card to use the library materials.

You may not be able to make requests via HKALL if

  • your borrower account has reached the maximum HKALL hold/loan quota or been blocked.
  • you are not eligible for HKALL (e.g. alumni).
  • you have not signed in.

Enquiry and Assistance

CityU users may direct their comments to