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Veterinary Continuing Education in
Cytology and Oncology

About the Instructors

Dr Kurt Verkest BVSc, PhD, MACVS

Dr Kurt Verkest

Kurt Verkest is a senior veterinarian and consultant in oncology with Pets Central, where he maintains a large referral caseload in small animal oncology. He has been an associate editor for the Veterinary Information Network’s Oncology folder for over 10 years, where he advises on cancer care for dogs and cats to the 50,000+ VIN-member veterinarians. He earned his PhD from The University of Queensland in 2011 on the subject of the Endocrinology of Obesity in Dogs, and is a Member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists. He has lived and worked in Hong Kong since 2007. He graduated with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science and a Bachelor of Veterinary Biology in 1995 from The University of Queensland.



Dr Neel Aziz DVM, Diplomate ACVP

- Lecturer, Department of Pre-Clinic and Applied Animal Science, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Madhiol University
- Chief, Diagnostic Pathology Unit, Center of Veterinary Diagnosis, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Mahidol University

Dr Neel Aziz

Neel Aziz was born in the Bronx, New York. He received his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Tuskegee University in 2002. He completed the veterinary anatomic pathology residency at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in 2008. He became a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Pathologist in the same year. While working for the United States department of defense (DoD), Dr. Aziz worked at various DoD biomedical research institutes to include, Walter Reed army Institute of research, Naval Medical Reach Center and the Armed Forces Institute of Medical science. His responsibilities ranged from Chief of Comparative Pathology to Chief of the Diagnostic Imaging Center. He provided pathology support to animal model studies that were focused on infectious diseases, experimental therapeutics, biodefense, behavioral studies and neuro-trauma. Currently, he works as a special lecturer in both the Department of Pre-Clinic and Applied Animal Science and the Department of Clinical Science and Public health at the Faculty of Veterinary Science, Mahidol University in Thailand. At the faculty’s diagnostic laboratory, in the Diagnostic Pathology Unit, he is responsible for necropsy, cytology, clinical pathology and histopathology evaluation on all species ranging from common domestic species, laboratory, aquatic, zoo and wildlife animal. He specializes in small animal oncology, non-human primate, live stock animal and rodent pathology. His diagnostic and research interests include infectious disease investigations, oncology and liver pathology.

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