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China Education Television reports CityU Scholar’s Keynote Speech on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

22 April 2015,in its daily major news time, China Education Television reported the keynote speech by Dr Hongyi Sun of CityU for the first Forum on the 1000 Industrial Entrepreneurial Mentors (1000Mentor) program at Beijing University of Science and Technology in Beijing. The 1000Memtor program plans to train 1000 industrial mentors with entrepreneurial experiences. For the first batch of 150 participants, Dr Sun first reported the latest development in innovation and entrepreneurship education from a global perspective and then elaborated the DEC (Discovery-Enriched Curriculum) education strategy and an example of PIPE model of City University of Hong Kong. He also explained how MOOC can support innovation and entrepreneurship in the future. The audiences and media showed great interests in the speech and there are decades of innovation for collaboration and training.
The 1000Mentor program was proposed by China Sciences’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Investment and Management Ltd (CSIEIM), in collaboration with industries and universities. CSIEIM has signed agreements with 10 Chinese universities, MIT and Stanford to help Chinese universities to teach innovation and entrepreneurship courses and coach student projects for downstream incubation and investment. The target in 2015 will be 30 Chinese universities. It is estimated that over one millions students will benefit from this 1000Memtor program. Within this year, CSIEIM plans to raise 7 billions RMB to invest in projects incubated in 1000Memtor program.

Dr Hongyi SUN

Since March 2015 when China Premier, Mr Li Keqiang, initiated the new economic policy “Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship” in his Policy Address, innovation and entrepreneurship education quickly became the focus of university education in China and the hot topic in global media. Universities like MIT, Stanford and Babson etc. are all trying hard to take a piece of this cake with strong promotion and training teams targeted at China universities, preparing for incubation and investment in the future. A representative shared the development of MOOC course particularly for innovation and entrepreneurship by Qinghua University, which also attracted attention of media and participants.
China Education Television is one of the two national television stations (the other one is CCTV) and the only national-level education TV station in China. The coverage of this event is very wide and quick. So far, there have been 14 major media reported this event or interviewed Dr Hongyi Sun.

Dr Hongyi SUN

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