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Registration to GE2304 Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Young Professionals

How to Add/Drop GE2304

Steps Deatils
1 Check Your Time Ticket
To check your registration time ticket, go to AIMS. Select "Course Registration" and then "Registration Status and Time Ticket".
2 Checking Web-enabled Courses
  • GE2304 can be registered or dropped via the web.
  • All courses with course sections which can be registered on the web are marked "WEB = Y" in the "Master Class Schedule". Please check if there are any registration restrictions for the course, such as it can only be taken by students of a particular level, or programme. Make sure you fulfill the prerequisite/precursor requirement before registering for the course.
  • Read "Course Information" under "Undergraduate Catalogue" of the "Programmes and Courses" website for the full list of prerequisites and precursors prescribed for the course as well as the course aims, syllabus, teaching pattern before deciding on whether to register on the course.
  • In the event of insufficient enrolment for any course, the University reserves the right to cancel a particular course or combine different course sections within the first week of the semester. Students will be notified by email of any course cancellation.
3 Steps for Web Add/Drops
Getting Started
  1. Log onto CityU e-Portal.
  2. Select AIMS.
  3. Click "Course Registration" menu. 
  4. Click "Select Term", choose the correct term and press "Submit".
  5. Click "Add or Drop Classes" and you will find your pre-registered course sections under "Current Schedule".
Looking for a Course Section
  1. Click "Class Search" at the bottom of the page to go to the "Look Up Classes" Menu.

    By Course Search
  2. Choose "Subject" and then click "Course Search". Select course by clicking "View Sections".

    By Advanced Search
  3. Enter your search criteria:
    • select one academic unit in "Subject", then enter the course number or enter the course title as a context search; OR
    • select one or several academic units (press Control key) in "Subject", select day or evening in "Session", select any one day of the week or do not tick any box in "Days".
  4. Click "Class Search". Course sections already 'full' will NOT be displayed.
Adding a Course
  1. To add course sections, check the relevant "CRN" boxes.
  2. Go to the bottom of the page and click "Register".
  3. Course sections successfully registered will be shown under your "Current Schedule".
  4. Alternatively, you can input the CRNs directly under the heading "Add Classes Worksheet" in the "Add or Drop Classes" form, then click "Submit Changes".
Dropping a Course
  1. To drop a course section, click the arrow button under Action in your "Current Schedule"
    and choose "Web drop", and then click "Submit Changes".
Registration Errors
  1. If the add request is unsuccessful, a box with the heading "Registration Add Errors" will appear below your schedule.
  2. To remove the Registration Error box, click "Submit Changes" or click "Course Registration" menu and re-enter the "Add or Drop Classes" menu.
Finishing Your Session
  1. After completing all web add/drops, click "My Detail Schedule" to double-check your class schedule record.
  2. When you have finished, make sure that you close e-Portal before leaving your terminal.

References: Add/Drop of Gateway Education (GE) Courses (Jun2014)