Faculty Positions

Chair Professor / Professor / Associate Professor / Assistant Professor

Ref. A/133/09

The University is seeking exceptional scholars to join in all academic fields with special focuses on One Health, Digital Society, Smart City, Matter, Brain, and related interdisciplinary areas.

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Faculty Positions – Global Scholar Recruitment Campaign

Chair Professor / Professor / Associate Professor / Assistant Professor

The University is seeking exceptional scholars to join in all academic fields with special focuses on One Health, Digital Society, Smart City, Matter, Brain, and related interdisciplinary areas.

Outstanding faculty will be considered for nomination of the Global STEM Professorship Scheme sponsored by the HKSAR Government, and may be provided with subsidy for their research teams and for setting up laboratories.

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Research Support Positions


Appointment for 12 months with possibility of extension
Ref. C/R/456/09


Predicting and Preventing Re-emergence of COVID-19


The appointee will participate in applied research to investigate the interplay between virus evolution (such as immune escape or case fatality rate) and public health interventions (e.g. vaccination and isolation). S/he will collect data and use agent-based modelling approach with other computational modelling methods to simulate the impact of the interventions on the virus evolution; and write papers and research proposals.

Closing Date

2 September 2022

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Research Support Positions

Research Associate / Postdoc / Research Assistant

Please visit the website of Human Resources Office and select Department of Biomedical Sciences from the dropdown menu for a list of available research support positions.

You may also refer to the individual profile webpages of our faculty for possible research job openings at their labs.

Research Postgraduate Students

PhD in Biomedical Sciences

Programme code: BMS2/P

This 4-year full-time / 8-year part-time programme aims to train and produce graduates with an understanding of advanced developments and highly marketable specialist skills in the disciplines of biology and biomedical sciences, and to meet local and regional requirements in the industrial, commercial, government or education sectors.

Application Deadline:
12:00 noon Hong Kong time, 1 December 2022

Applications received after deadline will be considered subject to the number of student places left outside the main admission round. We have rolling start dates of study throughout the year.

Programme Website (BMS)
Research Postgraduate Students

Interdisciplinary PhD in Veterinary Medicine

Programme code: VM/P

This is VM/P programme is an interdisciplinary programme open to outstanding graduate students who wish to conduct state-of-the-art basic, clinical and translational life sciences research alongside research professionals.

It is offered and administered by Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences (JCC).

Programme Website (JCC)
Job Creation Scheme 2.0 Position

Junior Technician

Appointment up to 30 June 2023
(2 posts)
Ref. C/R/440/09

Main Duties:

  • Provide technical support in operation and maintenance of departmental equipment/facilities
  • Provide technical support and assist in purchasing and preparing materials for teaching laboratory practical
  • Provide technical support in departmental activities

Closing Date

8 July 2022

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Technical Position

Technical Officer

Appointment for 12 months
Ref. C/R/380/09

Main duties:

  • Assist in the management of departmental laboratories
  • Provide technical support on imaging and cellular/molecular biology core instrument
  • Prepare teaching materials and support laboratory practical teaching, and ensure smooth and safe operation of departmental laboratories
  • Assist in the installation of new equipment and provide technical training for users of equipment
  • Maintain inventory of departmental assets

Closing Date:
17 December 2021

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Among the above, a list of all available staff positions is maintained centrally by the University.

3 September 2022