City University of Hong Kong City University of Hong Kong Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences

Technical Staff

Title Name Position Email Telephone Office
Dr PON Y. L. Jackie Medical Laboratory Director Email 3442-6642 YEUNG-G2438
Dr FONG C. C. Amy Scientific Officer Email 3442-2819 YEUNG-G2438
Mr SHUM K. W. Eric Chief Technical Officer Email 3442-4087 YEUNG-G2438
Mr LO Chi Kin Senior Medical Lab Technologist Email 3442-4717 YEUNG-G2519
Miss MOK O. L. Helen Senior Technical Officer Email 3442-2030 YEUNG-G2438
Ms CHU K. M. Yolanda Technical Officer Email 3442-5520 YEUNG-G2438
Miss LAM K. Y. Isa Technical Officer Email 3442-5941 YEUNG-G2438
Mr LEUNG M. K. Joseph Medical Lab Technologist Email 3442-2036 YEUNG-G2519
Mr HO C. P. Pan Junior Technician Email 3442-6483 YEUNG-G2438

20 September 2018