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Student Sharing on Exploring HK – Sai Kung Hiking


30 student residents joined “Exploring HK – Sai Kung Hiking” organised by Student Residence Office on 2 November 2019 (Saturday). Along the way from Sai Wan Pavilion to Pak Tam Au, students experienced the splendid natural surroundings in Tai Long Sai Wan and explored the abandoned village in Chek Keng.

Seaside Paradise Just Outside of the City   – Sharing by Hsu Ting-Wei, Carol, Jockey Club Humanity Hall

As the November breeze gently touches my skin, bringing forth the coolness and sweetness in the autumn air, I know the mountains have started to call for all nature lovers, including me. So, no hesitation to sign up when I saw this hiking opportunity, especially knowing that the event would take place in Sai Kung: a reserved area well known for its uncontaminated nature.

And it certainly didn’t disappoint me. Throughout my entire hiking, I was constantly amazed by the clearness of the sky and the sea. Whilst walking down the trail leading to the coast, the sea expanded in front of me, in gradients of teal and blue, with harmonious hues.

Of course, not every moment spent walking underneath the sun was enjoyable. The hike was somewhere close to 20km walking, which took us almost the whole day. As a person who does not exercise regularly, it was definitely a challenge. I remember feeling the cramp underneath my foot, and the sore aching of my knees as we walked down the final slope. I kept asking myself hopelessly, “When will be the end? When will we stop?”

But, thanks to the friends I met in this hiking, I did not end up moaning about my fatigue, or just collapsed on the sidewalk. Instead, we walked and talked, while our conversation opened a new perspective for me to view this world. On this hike, I met a freshmen girl from Beijing who majors in Biomedical Science. As a scientist, she was especially intrigued with the identification of plants species. Along the way, we were always at the back, pausing, viewing, and examining. It was an interesting scene: she kneeled down, inspected and commented on the shapes and distribution of the leaves, and I, previously praising out loud the artistic scenery of the coast, was inspired by her passion with natural observation and listened to her attentively. It made me realised how scientists approach their surroundings with careful reasoning and observation, unlike my own emotional and impulsive perspective. From that moment onwards, I knew I’ve made a special friend.

So, hiking on a November Saturday was far beyond my expectation. A group of people hiking on lush mountains is enough for a fulfilling experience. The call from the mountains has not yet ceased, and I look forward to taking the invitation with friends once more.