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Global Work Attachment Programme 2018 Kick-off Ceremony

I.N.K. x Popper88

Knowing your Coffee in 120 minutes

Pre-departure Meeting with Czech Republic CG

Exchange Student Stories

Call (+852) 1868 for overseas emergencies

CityU Choir Annual Performance

CityU Chinese Debating Team – Inter Collegiate Debate Competition 2018

Positivity Ambassador - Baduanjin Workshop

CityU Chinese Orchestra Annual Performance

CityU Philharmonic Orchestra Annual Performance

When East Meets West: Pentatonic Jazz Fusion Band

Taiwanese Night 2018

Discovery Festival: Jazz Fusion Performance by the Flow Band

CityU Songwriting Competition 2017 Final Awards Concert

CityU Songwriting Competition 2017

CityU Cares for You Campaign

CityU Cares for You Campaign Opening Ceremony

Ceramic 101

Laughter Yoga

Nail String Art Workshop

Secondary School Distinguished Artwork Exhibition 2018

Golden Key Club Meetup

CityU Employers' Luncheon 2018

Dialogue Series with Consuls General – Consul General of Canada in Hong Kong and Macao

Workplace RPG x Case Competition

The World Carnival 120 by Global Mixer

Spring Festival 2018

Savoring Beautiful Moments of Life Caring – Poster Card Design Competition and Sharing

IDEA Campaign and Inclusion Week

Opening Ceremony of IDEA Campaign

Gratitude at Heart

Chinese Culture Festival

Student Leaders Quality Enhancement Programme 2018

Design Your Life: Realizing your full potential我的人生‧我的選擇

GSO Lunar New Year Party

CityU Student Ambassadors Programme 2017-18 – Inauguration Ceremony

Japanese Day 日本祭

Indonesian Night 2018 DEVATA

Latte Art Workshop

Photography Workshop

Couplets Writing for New Year

OPSA get together to build an off-campus community

Executive Mentoring Programme - Tea Reception 2018

面試講呢啲 Ace Your Next Interview Sem B

Personal Statement Writing Workshop

Harmonica Demonstration Concert

Athletes Exchange

Humanity Talk Series – Sharing by Mr. Fang Wen Shan

Caring League Team Building and Helping Skills Training Camp

New Students Embarked on CityU Journey

Orientation Programme for Newly-elected Student Leaders 2018

CityU Christmas Concert 2017

Exam Reliever x Exam Energizer

Dialogue Series with Consuls General – Inaugural Dialogue with U.S. Consul General

City Mover – Storm Glass Workshop

CityU Arts Festival 2017 Closing Concert

City Mover - Photobooth

CityU Cares for You Campaign

Caring League Graduation and Inauguration Ceremony

Global Mixer Graduation Ceremony for Survival Cantonese Classes

Personal Branding: Presenting the Best You

Indian Dance Performance

CityU Arts Festival 2017 ‘Heartfelt Songs’ Concert

CityU Arts Festival 2017 Chinese Orchestra Concert

Music@City – Lunchtime Concert Series – Song Recital by Carol Lin (Mezzo-Soprano) and Sheung Lee (Piano)

Tap Dancing with Live Music

CityU Banquet

CityU Career Festival 2017

面試達人挑戰賽 The Interview Challenge

Diwali Night ’17

Global Festival Day

Music@City – Lunchtime Concert Series – The TimeCrafters

CityU Arts Festival 2017 – Grease the Musical

CityU Arts Festival 2017 – Melodic Fusion of Harmonica and Jazz

CityU Arts Festival 2017 ‘From Russia With Song’ Vocal Concert

Sea Island & Ferry Afternoon Sailing

CityU Arts Festival 2017 Opening Concert

面試講呢啲 Ace Your Next Interview

Servant Leadership Training Programme Kick-off Ceremony

Meet And Chat (MAC) Nights in Student Residence

Fire Safety in CityU Student Residence

City Excursion 2017 for International and Non-local Students

University Success Seminar for Mainland First-Year Undergraduate Students

The Gypsy Fantasy organized by the Multi-cultural Centre

Student Orientation University Welcoming Ceremony 2017

Res.Life Talk for Mainland Students

Meeting with the President

Global Get-together 2017

International Arrival!

Meet-and-Chat Night: Welcoming RMs & RTs

“Get Ready to Connect” Ice-breaking Party

Pre-arrival Orientation for Non-local Students

CityU Omnibus Summer Programme in Prague

High Island Adventure Camp

City Hunt at Guangzhou with Jinan University

Servant Leadership Training Programme: Achievement Celebration Party

Hall Students’ Leadership Trip to Qing Dao 2017

GWAP 2017 Kick-off Ceremony

Movie ‘Mad World’ (《一念無明》) Screening

Company Visit – Cathay Pacific

Interview Skills Workshop

Wine Industry Seminar

CityU’s sports teams win record-breaking 9th Grand Slam

Professor Edmond Ko Cup: Inter-hall Tennis Competition 2016/17

UCLA Exchange Visit to City University of Hong Kong

Professor Edmond Ko Cup: Inter-hall Singing Contest & Prize Presentation 2016/17

Mainland Music Cultural Exchange Tour 2017

CityU Putonghua Debating Team - Tournament in Taiwan

The ‘Group Therapy’ Performance Organized by the Multi-cultural Centre

Dialogue in the Dark X CityU

OPSA builds a home away from campus

Sustainability Carnival

CityU Career Fair 2017

SLTP Wellness Transformer Day Camp Service

Exhibition on Community Food Sharing & Supporting Network

Thinking out of the Lunch Box (開飯喇)

Music@City – Lunchtime Concert Series

Secondary School Distinguished Artwork Exhibition 2017

French Dessert Making Workshop organized by the Multi-cultural Centre

Workplace Challenge: Case Competition

Caring League – Positive Psychology Squad – Laughter Yoga

Thai Community Cultural Tour organized by the Multi-cultural Centre

CityU Employers’ Luncheon 2017

CityU Student Ambassadors Programme 2016-17 – Inauguration Ceremony

Golden Key Meetup

Imaginary Soundscape: Sonic Experiment Between Modern Music and Chinese Pipa (聲音意像:現代音樂和中國琵琶的聲音實驗) by Mo-Men-T with Mavis Lam

Music@City - Lunchtime Concert Series

Student Leaders Quality Enhancement Programme 2017

Laughter across Crosstalk 相聲不停,笑聲不絕

Less is more as we praise ethnic minorities at CityU!

Reunion Dinner of the CityU Delegation, Standard Chartered HK Marathon 2017

Japanese Night

Student-initiated Projects celebrate multicultural fun!

Caring League – Positive Psychology Squad – Happiness Formula Talk

Caring League – City Mover – DIY Workshops (Galaxy Jar, Leather Bracelet)

Caring League – Positive Psychology Squad – Savoring Every Beautiful Moment of Life

Mental Health Week – Mental Health Exhibition

Aroma Therapy Workshop

Drama: “Relife”, We Live: I Matter to You

Sandplay Workshop

The Poetry of Brush writing 1000 Years of Calligraphy in East Asia

City Hunter

Professor Edmond Ko Cup: Inter-hall Basketball Competition 2016/17

GreenWise: Film Screening of ‘Before the Flood’

Elite 100 Programme: Assessment Centre

CityU Model United Nations Conference 2017

CityU Table Tennis Team in the USFHK Competition

Gratitude at Heart

Color China- the Chinese Art Colors CityU 中華文化節: 滿城盡待 萬里華開

Caring League Inauguration Ceremony

Joint-hall Gala Dinner

Coffee and Culture Tasting Workshop by Multi-cultural Centre

Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2017 – CityU Delegation

GreenWise: Mini Potted Plant Workshop

Workplace RPG Game《職場Like爆王》

Snap the City: Exploring Hong Kong with Local Peers 城市捕影: 友伴同行探索香港

CityU wins USFHK Women’s Soccer Tournament

Spring Banquet Sprang upon the Campus

Caring League: City Mover Event – City Movement

De-stress with Professor Paws Visits 2017

Kimchi Making Workshop by Multi-cultural Centre

Indonesian Night 2017: BATAVIA – A Night of Unity and Diversity 印尼之夜: 從殖民時期說起和而不同

Get Electrified - The Chicago Blues with African Djembe

Caring League – Inclusion Ambassadors – IDEA Campaign

CityU Model United Nations: WFUNA International Model United Nations in New York

CityU Student Ambassadors Distinguished Talk: “My Turning Points” by Dr. Agnes Chan

"Fai Chun" Chinese Couplets Writing Workshop

Caring League: City Mover Training - Essence of Friendship

Transform the community by Social Enterpreneural Spirit

Asian Melodies with World Sound

Fire Drill

Humanity Talk - Mr. Wong Chun and Miss Chan Chor-hang

Fun Walk

Executive Mentoring Programme - Tea Reception 2017

Chopsticks Fun on Lamma Island南丫島上揸筷子…有人興奮有人攨頭

Global Work Attachment Programme 2017 Exhibition

Workshops - How to prepare for the PMP & AUS Final Interviews

Elite 100 Programme: Aptitude Test – Inductive Reasoning Test Practice

Caring League – Helping Skills Training

Orientation Programme for Newly-elected Student Leaders 2017

Caring League – Mental Health Ambassador – Team Training – Mental Health First Aid

CityU Table Tennis Team Tokyo Exchange Programme 2017

CityU Women’s Volleyball Team Sports Exchange in Japan

Welcome Students of the World! 交換生新鮮到站!

Expedition to MeiZhou on Hakka Culture

SA Study Tour to Singapore

CityU Christmas Concert 2016

GROW’s Harvest Day

OPSA: Not Just A Place To Rest Your Head

Energizer Party (Semester A, 2016)

Wellness Booster Station

Orientation Workshop for RAs & Major Student Groups

Student Involvement Award Giving Ceremony

'Music Dreams Come True’ Concert

CityU Cares for You Campaign – Opening Ceremony


Talk for Caring Leaders: “We Care. We Serve” by Dr. Alman Chan (陳兆焯博士)


Fame the Musical

Airshow China 2016

Diwali Night '16

Survival Cantonese Class Sem A 2016/17

Study Abroad Fair 2016

Dreamy Calligraphy

Winning Interview Strategy

Servant Leadership Training Programme Kick-off Ceremony

Caring League – Team Building Camp at Noah’s Ark

CityU Exchanges Fair

Feast of Sacrifice

CityU Squash Players Triumph for Hong Kong

CityU Chinese Debating Team winning competitions

Workplace Challenge: Case Competition

GWAP 2016 Kick-off Ceremony

CityU Soccer Team Wins 2nd Runner-up in National Tournament

Work Attachment Goes Global : Sydney

Global Work Attachment Programme - Shanghai

Global Work Attachment Programme - Germany

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