Staff List

Office of the Vice-President (Research)

Name Position Email Tel. no. Office
Prof. Shuk Han Cheng Associate Vice President (Research) 3442-9027 TYB-1B-207
Ms Winnie Heung Executive Assistant I 3442-9128 AE-031
Prof. Zheng Wang Associate Vice-President (Strategic Research) 3442-5204 LAU-13-223
Miss Karen Wong Assistant Communications Manager 3442-9409 AE-020

Name Position Email Tel. no. Office
Ms Winnie Yee Supervisory Executive Officer 3442-8670 CYC-5106
Miss Prudence Lau Executive Officer I 3442-9022 AE-031
Mr Tony Tsang IT Officer I 3442-5269 AE-032

Laboratory Safety Unit (LSU)

Name Position Email Tel. no. Office
Prof. Shuk Han Cheng Director of Laboratory Safety Unit 3442-9027 TYB-1B-207
Mr Tin Lung Leung Compliance Manager (LS) 3442-7237 MMW-4426
Dr Kin Cheung Chan Assistant Safety Manager (Lab) 3442-6034 YEUNG-G1415
Miss Po Yee Cheung Assistant Safety Manager (Lab) 3442-6703 YEUNG-G1415
Dr Wai Man Cheung Assistant Safety Manager (Lab) 3442-6705 YEUNG-G1415
Mr Tsz Ho Mak Laboratory Safety Officer 3442-8757 MMW-1434
Dr Yu Suen Chan Technical Officer (Lab Safety) 3442-7120 MMW-1434
Mr Kam Tin Mok Technician 3442-6766 MMW-1434
Mr Wai Kim Lo Artisan 3442-7159 MMW-1434