Selected Publications


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Virginia HARPER HO

Virginia HARPER HO, ‘Modernizing ESG Disclosure’, 2022 Illinois Law Review 277 (2022),

Virginia HARPER HO, ‘The Limits of Enlightened Shareholder Activism’, Int’l J. Financial Services 37 [Revues] Internationale De Services Financiers] (Apr. 2022).

HE Tianxiang

HE Tianxiang, ‘On the Intellectual Property Cooperation Framework of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau
Bay Area’, in Guobin Zhu and Kai Deng (eds.), Legal Development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Bay Area – Cooperation and Innovation (pp. 181-191). Joint Publishing, 2022 (何天翔,《粵港澳大灣區知識產權合作框架芻議》,載《粵港澳大灣區法制建設-合作與創新》,朱国斌、鄧凱主編,三聯書店(香港)有限公司,2022 年,第181-191 頁).

HE Tianxiang, ‘From Single-Player Games to Metaverse: A Futuristic Analysis of Challenging Legal Issues of the Video Game Industry in China’, (2022) GRUR International, online advance published. DOI:

LAI Sin Chit Martin

LAI Sin Chit Martin, ‘Output Effect of Private Antitrust Enforcement’, (2022) 27(2) Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law 477-520.

LAI Sin Chit Martin, ‘The Infringement Notice System Under Hong Kong’s Competition Law: Using the EU as a Benchmark’, (2022) 40(1) Journal of Law & Commerce 127-156.

Massimo LANDO

Massimo LANDO, ‘Identification as the Process to Determine the Content of Customary International Law’, (2022) 42 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies (published online), 30 August 2022.

Massimo LANDO, ‘Secret Custom or The Impact of Judicial Deliberations on the Identification of Customary International Law’, (2022) 81 Cambridge Law Journal (published online), 14 September 2022.


Daniel PASCOE, ‘Holdouts in the South Pacific: Explaining Death Penalty Retention in Papua New Guinea and Tonga’, (2022) 11(3) International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy 43 (with Andrew Novak)

TO Christopher

Christopher To, Sala Sihombing and Dr James S.P, Mediation in Hong Kong Law and Practice, 2nd Edition, Wolters Kluwer, August 2022.

Christopher To, Damon So, Iu Ting Kwok and Chun Yin Kwok, Butterworths Hong Kong Arbitration Law Handbook, 3rd Edition, LexisNexis, 22 October 2022.

WANG Shucheng

WANG Shucheng, ‘The Judicial Document as Informal State Law: Judicial Lawmaking in China’s Courts’, (May
2022) 48(3) Modern China, 617–649.