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Dr LEUNG, Priscilla

CPE Manchester Metropolitan University
PCLL Hong Kong University
LLM, JSD, People’s University of China
Barrister (High Court of Hong Kong)

Associate Professor

Dr LEUNG, Priscilla

Contact Information

Phone: +(852)-3442-8176

Research Interests

  • Comparative Law between Hong Kong, PRC and Taiwan (Conflicts of Law, Civil and Civil Procedure Law, Family Law)
  • The Hong Kong Basic Law
  • Human Rights (racial discrimination, language discrimination and gender discrimination)
  • Cyber Law in China

Selected Articles

  • “基本法:中國法與普通法的結晶(下)”, China Law, Vol 4, August 2008, pp.30-37.
  • “基本法:中國法與普通法的結晶(上)”, China Law, Vol 3, June 2008, pp.23-27.
  • “基本法之下立法、司法與行政的制衡”, Presentday Law Science, 5(6), December 2007, pp.18-21. 
  • “State Contracts in the Globalised World”, Journal of World Investment & Trade, 7(6), Geneva, Switzerland, December 2006, pp.825-855.
  • The Hong Kong Basic Law: Hybrid of Common Law and Chinese Law, Lexis Nexis, Singapore, March 2007, 476 p.
  • Editor, Selected Edition of China Law Reports 1991-2004, The People’s Court Press, China Renmin University Press and iSinolaw Holding Ltd, PRC, September 2005, 618 p. (in English).
  • Editor-in-Chief, Selected Works of China Maritime Arbitral Awards (1989-1996) (Updated to 2002), EMIS Professional Publishing Ltd, United Kingdom, March 2004, 714 p.
  • Banking Law in the People’s Republic of China, EMIS Professional Publishing, United Kingdom, December 2003, 288 p. (in English).
  • Editor-in-Chief, Contract Precedents of PRC (loose leaf), EMIS, United Kingdom, June 2003, 1030 p. (in English).
  • Conflicts of Law Amongst Taiwan, Hong Kong & Mainland China, Joint Publishing House, Hong Kong, PRC, June 2003, 280 p. (in Chinese).
  • (Editor-in-chief) The China Law Reports Series (1991-1994): Criminal Law, Civil Law, Economic and Administrative Law (six volumes) Butterworths Asia, published in 1995, 2001 and 2002 (Edition I and II) (5,000 pages in English)

Community Services

  • Chairman, Green Council
  • Chairman, Legal Rights Association between Hong Kong and China
  • Council Member, Hong Kong Young Legal Professional Association
  • Legislative Council Member, Hong Kong SAR Government