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Study at University with a High Law School Ranking

The City University of Hong Kong extends its invitation to aspiring lawyers. Study law in Hong Kong and in no less than one of the top law school ranking universities. With its long history and legacy, it is the clear choice.

Building the Right Reputation

As you contemplate and plan your upcoming plan to study law in Hong Kong, it is important to keep in mind that selecting a school to apply for is one of the most crucial steps. Take into consideration that looking into schools with more affordable options may be actually be disadvantage. Although admittedly, taking up further studies is already a good thing, but it is better if you take them up at a university that will do more for you.

Applying at the Best School for Your Career

One way to go about selecting law schools to apply for is looking at the law school ranking that it currently holds. Any aspiring lawyer knows that in this profession, reputation is everything. A good reputation is the foundation for a successful law career.

A good reputation is powerful enough to dictate what direction your career will take. Even simply graduating from the right law school can set you up for great success and adversely, graduating from an unknown university can put all your years’ worth of effort to waste. It is of such great importance that every step you take right from the start of your education in law, will be taken into great consideration by those who will associate themselves with you.

Graduate from an Established Law School

The City University of Hong Kong opened its doors to aspiring lawyers to study law in Hong Kong in the year 1987. The School of Law was then named the Department of Law. Since it was established, it has continuously worked to become known internationally as the lead provider for law education in the Asia-Pacific, in turn boosting its law school ranking. In alignment with that, the School of Law strives to further elevate the quality and standards at which legal education is administered in the country.

The School of Law prioritizes the following objectives: Securing the title as a world-renowned institution for research and instruction in law, enabling students to perform on global standards, and fortifying professional relationships with both local and international firms.

So, it is of no question that if you plan to study law in Hong Kong, it should be in a school that has a good law school ranking and that there is no better university to do that than at the City University of Hong Kong.

Excellent Education and Global Readiness

In its aim to become known internationally as the leading Asia-Pacific institution for law studies, the City University of Hong Kong provides its students with no less than excellent education that will prepare them to become globally competent. Study law in Hong Kong at a university that works towards elevating law educational standards that are implemented to boost the law school ranking along with it.

Fostering Strong Professional Relations

The School of Law at CityU Hong Kong takes pride in its efforts to maintain and fortify its professional relations with establishments that also provide law studies and services. By enabling a relationship to thrive among individuals and institutions in the law profession, the CityU Hong Kong is able to provide its students and its professionals with the opportunity to grow within a community. Furthermore, with the joint efforts of law students and professionals, local and international communities can greater benefit from their collaborative efforts.

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The School of Law was established in 1987 as the Department of Law. The principal objective of the School is to support and improve the provision of legal education and training in Hong Kong.

High on our agenda are three goals: becoming a world renowned centre for research and teaching of law; equipping students with global knowledge, skills and perspectives; and establishing a trusted relationship with local and international legal establishments.

Our Mission

The School of Law is a premier law school with a history of excellence and the vision to become one of the great law schools in the Asia-Pacific region. The mission of the School is to provide students with an excellent education and to contribute to the advancement of knowledge. Through cooperation with other law schools and professional organizations, the School aims to foster an environment in which both students and staff develop and use their legal knowledge, professional skills and expertise for the benefit of Hong Kong and the region.

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