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With the accession of China to the World Trade Organization, the dynamic growth of the Asian economy and the general impact of commercial globalization, it is increasingly important for lawyers and executives to understand the new rules of doing business in the international marketplace. In order to remain competitive in this fast-paced commercial culture, it is essential to master the relevant legal knowledge, develop useful professional skills and understand the cross-cultural dimensions of international business and legal practice. In response, the School of Law at the City University of Hong Kong has established the GLOBAL GATEWAY® Programme to provide multi-jurisdictional opportunities for legal study to all students in diverse academic communities.

The GLOBAL GATEWAY® offers students the possibility of exchange programme and dual LLM degree from leading international law schools under the auspices of cooperative agreements with City University of Hong Kong.  It seeks to serve as the legal educational link between China and the world. The GLOBAL GATEWAY® Programme aspires to provide opportunities for students in Greater China to pursue international legal studies in Hong Kong and overseas. Likewise it seeks to provide opportunities for overseas students to seek postgraduate legal education in Hong Kong and Greater China.

For further information on the GLOBAL GATEWAY® LLM that illustrates the breadth of the programme, please click HERE.


Foundational Programme: Master of Laws at City University of Hong Kong

School of Law, City University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Master of Laws

The foundation of the GLOBAL GATEWAY® is the LLM Programme at City University of Hong Kong School of Law. The LLM is geared to provide lawyers, law students, business and government officials the professional skills and substantive knowledge necessary to enhance their practice of law or their legal skills and knowledge as it relates to government or business in the global environment. Students are allowed to choose from a range of timely and valuable specializations in either Chinese and Comparative Law; International Economic Law; Common Law; Intellectual Property and Technology Law; Corporate and Commercial Law; or General studies. 

Our GLOBAL GATEWAY® partner law schools send their students to the LLM Programme, contributing to a diverse, dynamic and truly global student body. Our diverse student body includes students from Mainland China, Hong Kong, United States, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and Poland.

For further information, please see // or contact CityU School of Law at 3442-8008 or


Collaborative Programmes (in alphabetical order of university name)

Europe-Asia Research Institute, Aix-Marseille University 
Aix-en-Provence, France  
Master of Laws in European Business Law

The Aix-Marseille University is one of the Europe’s most renowned law schools. Current CityU LLM students in their last year of study at CityU or recent CityU LLM graduates may apply. Applicants must also be proficient in English.

Successful students will be admitted to the LLM in European Business Law programme at the Aix-Marseille University. They will receive advanced standing. They choose 3 modules among the 8 (except EU Commercial Law, EU Competition Law, EU Taxation Law). They will not take the examinations in these three chosen modules. But students are still obliged to attend the courses, exactly in the same conditions as the other students do. Students are required to pay the requisite tuition fee to Aix-Marseille University as well as take care of all other expenses.

For further information, please contact CityU School of Law at 3442-8008 or

University Paris 1, Pantheon-Sorbonne 
Master mention Droit international, parcours-type <<Global Business Law and Governance>>

CityU School of Law has signed an agreement with University Paris 1, Pantheon-Sorbonne on the operation of a joint master’s programme, which is for selected and CityU LLM students, final year JD students, and LLMArbDR/MAArbDR students who have a law degree, and Paris 1 master’s students.

Participating CityU students will spend the Spring Semester (January to April) in University Paris 1 and other semester(s) at CityU. During the term in University Paris 1, they will take a total of 30 ECTS, which consists of five courses chosen from WTO Law, International Investment Law, International Commercial Litigation, International Arbitration, International Contracts, International Economic Law (Breaking Issues) and Introduction to French Law, International and European Competition Law, International Financial and Monetary Law, EU as a Global Actor and the compulsory course Dissertation or Internship.  CityU and Paris 1 will recognize the courses that the students have completed at the other university.  Students will obtain Master mention Droit international, parcours-type <<Global Business Law and Governance>> from Paris 1 as well as a degree from CityU upon fulfillment of all requirements of Paris 1 and CityU.

Participating Paris 1 students will be admitted to the CityU LLM programme.  They will spend the Fall Semester (late August to December) at CityU and the other semester(s) at University Paris 1.

For further information, please contact CityU School of Law at 3442 8008 or

Université de Fribourg
Master of Laws programmes

CityU School of Law has signed a collaborative agreement with Université de Fribourg (UF) on Master of Laws programmes.  It aims to equip students with knowledge in both Asian and European law under its integrated curriculum.  Each institution will admit up to 10 students into the programme per academic year.  Each programme period will be for a minimum duration of one semester and a maximum duration of two semesters (i.e. from September to June of the following year) at the host institution.

UF students (applicable to MLaw or LLM students, and MLaw or LLM graduates) participating in the programme will be allowed to transfer a maximum of 7 credits to CityU towards its LLM programme once they are admitted to CityU.  UF students are required to complete 17 credits at CityU LLM programme in order to satisfy CityU LLM requirements.  They will obtain LLM degree certificate from CityU.

CityU students (applicable to LLM and LLMArbDR graduates, and JD graduates) participating in the Fribourg LLM programme will receive credit transfer with a maximum of 30 ECTS (1 CityU Credit = 2.5 ECTS) to UF towards its LLM programme. CityU students are required to complete 30 ECTS in order to satisfy UF LLM requirements.  They will obtain an LLM degree certificate from UF. Credits earned from courses taken at UF will not be transferred towards the degree conferred by CityU. 

For further information, please contact CityU School of Law at 3442 8008 or