SEE Students won the Start-up Fund in Climate Action Recognition Scheme 2021-22


SEE PhD students and a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Edwin Tso's group (Miss Shirley Du, Mr. Stanley Liu, and Dr. Peter Pan), recently took part in the Climate Action Recognition Scheme 2021-22 and won the Climate Action Ideation Award. This is their second consecutive victory in CARS idea-stage programme.

Under the supervision of Dr. Edwin Tso, the team proposed to launch a start-up company promoting an intelligent thermo-responsive window for building thermal management and energy-saving. This window features outstanding solar modulation ability, bringing in promising thermo-regulating and energy-saving performance. By demonstrating the competitive R&D advancement and full-fledged business plan, their potential of achieving remarkable commercialization and dissemination results was validated by the judging panels. It is expected that with the successful implementation of their proposed idea can bring about 10% of building energy saving in Hong Kong, aiding in sustainable development and mitigating climate change.

More details about this competition:

SEE students award