Dr. Lin Zhang hosted a webinar on "Energy Transition in China: Technology, Policy, and Society"


Dr. Lin Zhang recently hosted a webinar for International Association for Energy Economics on “Energy Transition in China: Technology, Policy, and Society”. Dr. Zhang invited three distinguished speakers from the US and China to discuss the efforts that China has made in its transition towards a green economy. With a focus on the energy market for green technologies that is of particular importance in the green transition, this webinar presented factors that drive energy transition from both the supply and demand sides, and explored the challenges, opportunities, and prospects of energy transition in China. The webinar showed how renewables and storage technologies, and decreasing costs affect the energy market from the supply side, as well as how the project of Distributed Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation and nationwide energy-saving week campaign drive the transition from the demand side. The development of China's national emission trading scheme and its implications on green transition were also discussed. This webinar was well received.

For more details, please visit https://iaee.org/en/webinars/webinar_zhang2.aspx.