12 SEE Faculty Members Awarded for the General Research Fund (GRF)/Early Career Scheme (ECS) of 2021/22


The Research Grants Council (RGC) has just announced the results of the GRF and ECS exercises for 2021/22. In this latest competition, SEE faculty members received an overall success rate of 48%, with 12 out of 25 applications awarded for GRF or ECS. The success rate was much higher this year than that in the 2020/21 exercise (32%).

Prof CHAN, Chak Keung Sulfate formation via photosensitized reactions of biomass burning compounds
Prof WANG, Wen-Xiong Cellular Uptake, Dissolution, and Distribution of Cu and Zn Nanoparticles: Implications for Toxicity
Dr AN, Alicia Kyoungjin Facile fabrication of a bioinspired omniphobic-slippery membrane for robust membrane distillation with real time monitoring for wetting, fouling, and scaling
Dr DAOUD, Walid Understanding ion transport in hydrogel electrolyte and charge transfer on electrode-hydrogel interfaces for wearable zinc-ion battery
Dr LEE, Patrick Kwan Hon Comprehensive Profiling of Hospital Air and Surface Microbial Communities Using Integrated Metagenomics and Metatranscriptomics Analyses
Dr NG, Yun Hau Understanding the Improved Photocharge Transportation in Bismuth-based Photocatalysts via Defect and Structural Engineering
Dr CHOPRA, Shauhrat Singh Dynamic Life Cycle Assessment (dLCA) of Emerging Waste Valorisation Technologies: Guiding Sustainable Waste-derived Biosurfactant Production
Dr HE, Yuhe Aquatic photooxidation of organic ultraviolet filters and their in vitro and in vivo toxicity assessments
Dr NAH, Ern Mei Theodora Aqueous secondary organic aerosol formation and transformation by nitrate-mediated photooxidation
Dr NGAN, Keith Numerical modelling of the influence of secondary surface roughness on urban turbulence and ventilation
Dr TSO, Chi Yan Thermochromic Transparent Wood Composites with Highly Efficient Broadband Optical Management Capability for Smart Window Applications
Dr WU, Wei Microchannel Membrane-based IoNanofluid Reactor with Machine-learning Optimization for High-density and Low-temperature Absorption Thermal Energy Storage


Congratulations to all our faculty members who have been successful in this year's exercises!

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