Academic Policy Committee

Terms of Reference

1. To advise the Senate on:
(a) the development, implementation, monitoring and review of academic policy-related matters affecting the University as a whole;
(b) the criteria and methodologies for the allocation of resources required to support the academic work of the University;
(c) policy for the development and operation of facilities required to support the academic work of the University;
(d) design and structure of degrees, levels of awards, and the admission and assessment of students.
2. On the basis of such policies and procedures as are agreed by the Senate, to prepare for submission to the Senate the University's triennial Planning Exercise Proposals (PEPs), to review these proposals annually, and to recommend modifications to the Senate for approval based on the University’s priorities on teaching and learning.
3. To advise the Senate on the University’s strategic directions and the strategic risks relevant to the academic work of the University so as to facilitate the formulation of the University’s Strategic Plan.
4. To make recommendations to the Senate on:
(a) academic quality assurance-related issues, including the academic quality assurance system and processes; and policy on academic conduct and student discipline;
(b) research-related policy, funding, conduct and other arrangements;
(c) the conduct of education studies in the School of Continuing and Professional Education, including strategic and academic planning, budget performance, and academic quality assurance.
5. To appoint sub-committees, working parties and similar bodies for the purpose of discharging the duties of the Committee, and to approve their terms of reference and membership.
6. To report on its business to the Senate at such intervals as the Senate may decide.