CityU Talents Programme

Undergraduate plus Taught Postgraduate Degree Programme (BSc Physics + MSc Applied Physics)

With the objective to advance society by nurturing the talents of tomorrow and transforming our students into future leaders, the University introduced the "CityU Talents Programme".  Being part of the CityU Talents Programme,  the Undergraduate plus Taught Postgraduate Degree Programme (BSc Physics + MSc Applied Physics) aims to nurture elite students through integrated learning. Undergraduate students can benefit from learning research elements normally taught at the postgraduate level. The Programme is open to new students starting from the 2021 entry and existing normative 4-year degree students of the 2020 entry. 

Eligible entrants are given an offer into the UGC-funded Bachelor of Science in Physics programme, plus a conditional offer for the self-financing Master of Science in Applied Physics programme. 

Undergraduate Studies

After completion of the BSc Physics degree
-> Taught Postgraduate Studies

  • Students complete the BSc Physics major (≥ 120 credit units, including 9 credit units from MSc Applied Physics courses as electives)
  • Students continue to pursue the MSc Applied Physics programme and complete the remaining 21 credit units (in addition to 9 credit units transferred from their BSc studies) 
  • Registered as undergraduate students, paying undergraduate tuition fees* for both BSc and MSc courses taken during the undergraduate studies
  • Registered as taught postgraduate students, paying self-financing MSc Applied Physics tuition fees* for 21 credit units

*Students should pay the tuition fees at prevailing rates.

Upon successfully completing the course requirements, students would receive two separate degrees, i.e. a Bachelor of Science in Physics degree and a Master of Science in Applied Physics degree.


Entrance and Eligibility Criteria

For New Students
  • Local JUPAS: HKDSE score ≥ 28
  • Local Non-JUPAS: IB score ≥ 38
  • Non-local: Follow the entrance scholarship requirements (more details)
Note: Equivalent qualifications will also be considered for entrance

For Existing Year 1 Students
  • Credit units taken at the end of the first-year study ≥ 36; and 
  • Ranked top 10% of Year 1 students in the College of Science; and 
  • CGPA ≥ 3.40 

Students are required to maintain a minimum CGPA of 3.40 for continuation in the CityU Talents Programme. If students do not meet the ongoing performance requirement of CGPA of 3.40, they will have to exit the Programme while re-entry in a later semester/year is subject to approval. Students who meet the ongoing performance requirement may also opt out of the Programme if so wish. They will continue to complete the regular undergraduate degree programme they enroll in until graduation.


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