Professor Olivier SPARAGANO

Professor of Veterinary Parasitology
Office Address
Room 1B-407, 4/F, Block 1, To Yuen Building, 31 To Yuen Street, City University of Hong Kong
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Prof. Sparagano received his BSc and MSc from the University of Paris VII, France, his MRes from the University Blaise Pascal, France, and his PhD from the Institut Pasteur and the University Lyon I, France.

Before joining City University of Hong Kong, he was the Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research and Professor of Animal Health and Biotechnology at Coventry University, UK. Prior to this appointment, he was the Associate Dean for Research in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at Northumbria University, UK.

Olivier is a Chartered Biologist, a Fellow of the Society for Tropical Veterinary Medicine (of which he is currently the President for the third time), a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology and an Associate Member of the Royal Society for Chemistry. He has published over 150 peer-reviewed papers and over 350 conference abstracts.

Professor Sparagano’s research over the last 25 years has covered topics from molecular diagnostics of parasitic diseases, vaccine development, probiotics, vector-borne diseases (ticks, mites, mosquitoes) in a broad range of animals (pets, farm animals and wildlife animals).

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