Wastage charge of Liquid Nitrogen
08 Jul 2022

LSU is now facing a serious deficit (around 30K) in operating the Liquid Nitrogen Dispensing Services as the table shown below.

Liquid Nitrogen payment summary
Costs (from 17/2 to 17/6) $169845.5 (a total of 17092 L)
LSU received $133800 (a total of 13381 L)
Balances -$36045.5
Wastage rate 133800 ÷ 169845.5 = 78.7%
Charge per Litre including wastage $10/Litre ÷ 78.7% = $12.86
Wastage charges per Litre $2.86

There is an inevitable wastage due to dispensing Liquid Nitrogen which contributes to the deficit shown above (-HKD$36045.5).

Due to the deficit, we would like to charge users a wastage charge from next month onwards on proportional to the volume of liquid nitrogen purchased.

There will be an extra HKD$2.86 per Litre of Liquid Nitrogen purchased between January and July 2022. For example, if you have ordered 100L liquid nitrogen, you need to pay extra HKD$ 286.

The new Liquid Nitrogen purchasing charge will be increased to $12.86 with effective date on 1st August.