Link the Risk Assessment Reporting System with the Chemical Control System on 1 Jul 2022

The Radiation Control System (RCS) will be officially launched on 1 Jul 2022 in the CityU service portal. Project/course leaders (lab-based department) or their delegates can utilize this system to purchase and dispose of radioactive substances.

The RCS controls the purchase and storage of sealed and unsealed sources of a radioactive substance (e.g. Phosphorus-32, Sulphur-35, Iodine-131, etc.) and irradiating apparatus (e.g. X-ray, microCT, etc.). To facilitate the users’ understanding of the workflow in the system, LSU has prepared THREE separate user guides: RCS Unsealed Source Instruction Manual, RCS Sealed Source Instruction Manual, RCS Irradiating Apparatus Instruction Manual.

Please be reminded that the RCS is linked with the Risk Assessment Control System (RARS). Users should complete the risk assessment of the projects/courses (approved on or after 1 Nov 2021) with radiation safety approval and then proceed with the purchase via the RCS.

To be eligible to be the RCS purchasing delegate, s/he should be approved by their Principal Investigator (PI) and recommended by the Departmental Radiation Protection Officer (DRPO) by filling the forms as attached and returning them to LSU at MMW-1434: Nomination Form for radioactive substance purchasing delegate, Undertaking Form for student nomination RCS Form 2.

Those who pass the quiz will successfully register as an RCS purchasing delegate. Undergraduate students are NOT allowed to be the RCS purchasing delegate.

Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to email us at For technical support, please contact Mr W L CHAN Tin at Ext. 6773.