Link the Risk Assessment Reporting System with the Chemical Control System on 1 Jul 2022

Referring to the last announcement dated 1 Nov 2021, the Risk Assessment Report System (RARS) will be linked with the Chemical Control System (CCS) on 1 Jul 2022. It means that for any courses/projects which have not yet completed the risk assessment via the RARS, the course/project leader(s) and their delegates cannot purchase any chemicals via the CCS.

This measure only applied to the projects that have been approved by the RO on or after 1 Nov 2021. For the projects approved before 1 Nov 2021, the course leaders and delegates can purchase the chemicals at the CCS as usual.

There is a new required field in the CCS, Project/Course code. The project number(s) will be automatically matched with the project leaders’ account for selection in the CCS.

If anyone would like to purchase the chemicals via the departmental account but without a project, please contact Mr Terry LEUNG ( to create a departmental project code for this purpose.

If you have any questions regarding this implementation, please free feel to contact Mr Terry LEUNG (ext 7237) for information.