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Method for Regulating An Electrical Power Circuit And Electrical Power Regulating Apparatus
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Electronics or electrical equipment generally operate the connected suitable energy. The common energy may include the electricity in power network Socket, collection of energy (energy harvesting) device, fuel cell and battery.
Such as the energy gathering devices of photovoltaic cell or piezoelectric energy collector can be used easily in daily life, With by certain form of energy conversion into for the electric energy for power electrical apparatus. Energy gathering devices can be designed to one Operated under individual or multiple optimum operation conditions, to maximize efficiency of energy collection during operation.


The present invention relates to a kind of method and electrical power adjusting means for being used to adjust power circuit, Particularly, but not exclusively relate to A kind of and electrical power regulator for being used to extract the maximum amount of power from power supply.
The invention discloses a kind of electrical power adjusting means to include:Controller, it is arranged to the power supply characteristic for detecting power supply;And power converter, it is arranged to the electric loading characteristic that the electric loading level being connected with power supply is adjusted based at least one power supply characteristic detected by controller so that power supply is arranged to the maximum amount of electrical power being transported to electric loading level. Additionally provide a kind of method for adjusting power circuit.


  • Maximum power point only is positioned by sensing external variable, without the built-in variable inside detection circuit. Specifically, it is only necessary to voltage and current at end.
  • This method is connected to the output of equivalent circuit based on voltage source of the use with power converter, and therefore Power converter will produce necessary voltage waveform to offset the voltage drop of source reactance and analog equivalent in the resistor of source resistance To ensure the maximum power transfer condition from voltage source.


  • The general circuit for controlling power flow
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Method for Regulating An Electrical Power Circuit And Electrical Power Regulating Apparatus


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