CityU Business & Industrial Club (CUBIC)


Founded in 1984, CityU is a dynamic and forward-looking institution of higher education in Hong Kong. To establish close links with the local business and industrial communities, the University formed the CityU Business & Industrial Club (CUBIC) in 1993. CUBIC is the main industrial liaison platform of the University, serving to develop a close relationship with the business and industrial sectors. It also helps members improve and upgrade their technological and management expertise, thus increasing their competitiveness in today's demanding business environment.


  • Helps the University build a strong link with the industrial and business communities
  • Nurtures meaningful collaboration between CityU and the industrial and business sectors for mutual benefits
  • Enhances the image of CityU as a partner to industry and commerce. It also underscores the emphasis placed by the University on the application of knowledge and technology transfer

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Mr Tomson Lee
Manager, CUBIC, Knowledge Transfer Office
Ms Maggie Mak
Secretary, CUBIC, Knowledge Transfer Office