Knowledge Transfer Office

Licensing and Industrial Liaison

Technology licensing is transferring from the University to licensees the rights to use and commercialise the output derived from CityU-funded research. The KTO identifies marketable technologies and know-how, matches technologies with their potential users, handles patent applications, provides licensing services, and engages in business negotiations. It also maintains databases of the University's patents and technologies for licensing.

To forge ties between the University, the business sector and industry, the CityU Business & Industrial Club (CUBIC) was formed in 1993. CUBIC, addressing the diverse needs of its members, regularly organizes two series of forums, namely the Emerging Technologies Forums, where cutting-edge technologies are introduced to both academia and industry, and the Technology Transfer Forums, where mature technologies developed by the University are showcased. In addition, the Club runs five Special Interest Groups which organize Happy Hour Gatherings on a regular basis where members of academia and industry can exchange views and socialize in a casual setting.