Enhancing PC Performance in Teaching Venues

by Daniel Leung

Have you recently noticed an improved user experience with no hardware failure and better PC performance when using the computers in teaching venues? To employ the emerging technologies to enhance the teaching and learning experience in class and meet the pedagogical content knowledge needs, the old and bulky desktop computers in all the 120 teaching venues have been replaced by the mini PCs with the new reboot-to-restore software during Semester A of the Academic year 2021/22.  

The new mini PC deployment not only reduced the high hardware failure rate but also improved significantly the system boot-up time. As the mini PC is small and different from the old desktop PC, please find the photos below that indicate the lectern's location and its power button.

Mini PC for the lectern


Along with the hardware upgrade exercise, the old Provisioning Services (PVS) reboot-to-restore technology was replaced by a new software called Deep Freeze Enterprise. The software protects the computers from unauthorised or unwanted changes to the operating system, including users' data and their work, keeping the whole system intact by removing all changes upon every reboot.

The benefits of using Deep Freeze software are summarised as follows:

With this new software, managing computers remotely has never been easier.