The Student Work Programme 2002

by Noel Laam

Student Work Programme is designed by the Computing Services Centre (CSC) to offer students opportunities to gain IT experiences through practical work in the CSC. Students have the precious chance not only to learn the state-of-the-art technology but also to contribute their skills to serve the University community.

The opportunities cover various types of jobs as described below:

  1. Student Technician/Consultant for Service Counter, Consultation Desk and network management
  2. Student Instructor/Assistant for computer courses

Students participated in the Programme will be provided with training as needed and be remunerated at the standard university rate for student part-time helper (currently HK$46 per hour).

The CSC received many applications by the recruitment deadline in May 2002, and most of the applicants were interested in more than one job. After the careful selection process, a new batch of student helpers will join us to serve you soon.