Staff E-mail Server Migration

by John Chan

The Computing Services Centre (CSC) is going to replace the very old Staff E-mail servers on the Compaq OpenVMS platform with the newer and faster Sun Solaris machines using the Sun ONE Messaging server. The existing mail server has been used for over ten years. The replacement will definitely boost up user performance with faster response. Moreover, additional functionality and e-mail disk quota will be provided. Along with this, a new Web interface will be offered as an alternative to the Eudora tool for accessing the messages on the server.

The replacement will take place before the new academic year commences, tentatively some time in August 2002. The entire migration process is going to be almost transparent to all staff, except a new password is required for accessing individual e-mail accounts. As existing e-mail account names will be established in the new system, all staff will be expected to use the same account name after the cut-off date for sending and receiving e-mail. The CSC will put every effort in minimising the amount of impact on the users.

The CSC will keep you informed on the progress of the project. More detailed information will be posted and updated in the staff Intranet Web pages, or you may click the page directly at