Forum on Carbon Neutrality and Sustainable Environment

5 - 8 October 2022

Energy transition to clean and renewable energy is an urgent task for all of us to tackle both the climate and environmental crises that loom before us. Hong Kong Institute for Clean Energy (HKICE) offers a timely scientific Forum on Carbon Neutrality and Sustainable Environment that unites world-renowned scholars and researchers in promoting interdisciplinary dialogue on the challenges and future prospects of next-generation energy development and applications. The forum will be conducted in an atmosphere similar to the Gordon Research Conference, providing visionary knowledge with the latest scientific findings and innovative technologies on clean energy development with ample opportunities for discussions. A broad range of topics related to scalable photovoltaics, stable and reliable battery technologies, and smart energy saving and grid technologies for various device applications will be covered. Challenges in energy generation, utilization, storage, distribution as well as the latest development in carbon capture and zero-carbon nuclear energy will be discussed.

The forum will consist a series of keynote lectures, invited talks, discussion and sharing sessions featuring the following leading areas:

  • Latest functional materials design and synthesis, and smart system/integration configuration for solar energy harvesting devices, (including PVs, H2 generation, water splitting, etc.), rechargeable batteries, and energy-saving devices and applications.
  • Fundamental principles and degradation mechanisms of energy devices that pose a limit on the large-scale, industrial applications of clean energy.
  • Challenges of carbon capture, storage and utilization in a renewable system to support synthetic fuels, gases, and feedstocks applications.
  • Smart grid technologies and network implementation for accelerating the clean energy transition.
  • Innovative nuclear energy technologies for zero-carbon electricity.
  • Join us as frontrunners and be part of the community to increase sustainability efforts and cut carbon footprint!

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