Quantum Physics and Complex Systems

7 - 9 December 2022

A central theme of quantum science and technology is the investigation of the properties and the uses of quantum interactions, the characteristic correlations among constituents of a quantum system that have no analogous counterparts in classical systems. Harnessing these fundamentally quantum properties and behaviour has the potential to vastly transform our technological landscape in ground-breaking quantum theories, materials, and devices, and to create entirely new capabilities in computing, sensing, and communications. This forum brings together foremost academic and industry researchers working in the rapidly developing fields of quantum computation, quantum physics, and related areas, leveraging state-of-the-art theories, algorithms, and instrumentations. The forum will also stimulate discussions on complex systems, including spin glasses, neural networks, proteins, and related problems.

The forum aims to provide an exceptional multi-disciplinary, cross-pollination arena for the world-leading scientists to vividly share their critical views on the various aspects of quantum and complex-system physics; in together with the technological implications for the next-generation quantum smart devices and quantum computing architectures, as well as applications for biological and non-biological complex systems.

Forum Objectives:

  1. To establish as a global summit where visionaries, future leaders and youngsters come together to address critical issues in quantum physics and complex systems.
  2. To serve as an essential linkage platform between blossoming local research community on quantum science & technology and international collaborators.
  3. To foster the recognition of the public views and policy makers on ‘quantum initiatives’ as Hong Kong emerges as an international and regional innovation centre.
  4. To become the conduit of arousing industrial attentiveness and responses on developing future quantum technology.

Programme Booklet (PDF)