Thanakorn Thammaniyamta

How to make good use of time as a university student? For Thai student Thanakorn Thammaniyamta (Biomedical Engineering), spending time preparing himself for a career that contributes to innovations which will enhance and ease the human experience in the future and taking part in different extra-curricular activities that also benefit other students are both necessary.

"The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic made me aware of the value of human life and led me to the field of biomedical engineering. I've completed two biomedical-related internships, which provided invaluable insights and hands-on experiences.

My experience at CityU has been transformative. Studying abroad is a significant life change that has forced me to develop essential skills, a strong sense of responsibility, and the ability to build and nurture relationships in a new environment.

CityU's diverse and inclusive community allows me to learn about various cultures while sharing my own. The friendships I made here have been invaluable.

I'm outgoing, talkative, and an explorer by nature. I thrive on interactions with people and find joy in making new friends. These traits have fueled my enthusiasm for engaging in various leadership activities, whether it's serving as part of the management team for the Thai Students’ Association of CityU (Thaisoc) or holding positions of responsibility in the Association of Thai Students in Hong Kong and Macau (ATSHM). Currently, my primary focus is on my role as a residence tutor in the student residence. My goal is to contribute to creating the best possible community for students' academic journey.

One particular event that stands out as a source of immense pride for me is the inter-hall competition involving crate climbing during the PEK sports event I joined in my freshmen year. The camaraderie and support from my teammates were heartwarming, and together, we dedicated ourselves to representing our hall. I'll forever cherish the memory of the trust and support my teammates placed in me. I’m so proud of the fact that when my local teammates see me today, they still call me 'Thai Jai' (meaning Thai boy)."

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