Nusaibah Reza

Bangladeshi student Nusaibah Reza studies Biomedical Engineering at CityU.

"When I was in high school, I watched the show Dr. House where a paralyzed patient who couldn’t speak or blink is able to communicate his symptoms with the doctors by answering 'yes' or 'no' with the help of a Brain-Computer Interphase. It is still an advancing field in Biomedical Engineering, and I wish to study more about it and someday maybe touch on its infinite potentials.

“I grew up in a city called Chittagong in Bangladesh. Hong Kong provided me with a good scholarship which improves my learning experience by allowing me to focus on my studies wholeheartedly.”

"A course I liked very much in CityU was the GE course 'Science vs. Crime'. Before coming here, I had a wish to study forensic science. Although I could not make that a reality, I could still study something related to it through that course. Plus, the course had many exciting activities such as a mock Crime Scene Walkthrough!"

"Besides all the friends I met through classes and activities at CityU, I became friends with Yin Jie from Hall 5, who worked at the security counter. She likes talking to people in the halls as they come and go, and she is a very nice, and observant lady."

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