Elisabeth Felicia Adriani

Introducing our sensational singing talent, Elisabeth Felicia Adriani (Biomedical Sciences)! Even if you don’t know Felicia, chances are you've still seen her captivating performances on different stages at CityUHK.

"I was born and raised in Magelang, Indonesia. It is a small city, home to the magnificent Borobudur Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the seven wonders of the world. I chose CityUHK to study because of the university’s esteemed reputation. Moreover, the scholarship opportunity extended to me by CityUHK promises to enrich my educational journey, providing invaluable support for my growth and development."

"As a university student, my primary goal is to graduate with outstanding academic performance. However, to make the most of my time as an international student, I also want to immerse myself fully in the university experience beyond academic learning by actively participating in various activities. Looking towards the future, by combining my theoretical knowledge with an entrepreneurial spirit, for now my dream is to become an entrepreneur in the field of biology."

"I began singing as a hobby after being captivated by the Indonesian television show 'Indonesian Idol' as a child. This show became one of my inspirations because I thought it would be cool if I could sing on a big stage one day, so I started to learn how to sing by going to karaoke. My role model is NIKI, an Indonesian singer who achieved international success with her own music. My goal as a singer is to progress from performing on various occasions to eventually stepping onto larger stages, fulfilling my dream of sharing my voice and my songs with a wider audience."

"At CityUHK, I've made friends from various countries because we share the same interest in music. We got to know each other by performing together at events, especially busking in student residences. Collaborating on music has strengthened our friendships and allowed us to appreciate and learn from each other's diverse cultures."

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